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For most businesses, managing attendance has been synonymous with the installation of a payroll time clock. After all, for businesses to be successful, employees’ time sheets must be 100 percent accurate. In the world of modern online applications, mobile technology, cloud computing and people working remotely, the payroll time clocks of years ago just don’t fit in anymore. A payroll time clock is stationary by definition, but the employees of today are not. They remain static even when the work environment isn’t. And the functionality is simplistic even when the business is technologically advanced. So here are a few reasons why switching to a MinuteHound payroll time clock is one of the best choices businesses owners can make.

Previously, a payroll time clock was an effective way to monitor an employee’s attendance. But as times change and we become more technologically advanced, many people are working from home. This means employers need a time tracking system that is accessible remotely. With a MinuteHound payroll time clock, employees are able to punch in even from home. With a single swipe of the finger, businesses owners can see who is or isn’t working. This innovative technology is optimal at decreasing time theft.

Losing time hunting down employees to correct inaccurate time cards is a waste of time and money. Errors in attendance also lead to delays in the processing of payroll. A MinuteHound payroll time clock literally erases human error! As employees clock in and out, their information is safely stored in a 128-bit encrypted cloud. No need to worry about identity theft! With real-time access to attendance reports, business owners are able to check who’s on the clock anywhere with an Internet connection. In addition, managers are able to set customized alerts based on the needs of their business, all of which saves time and money.

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Running a tight ship is what every manager wants. A payroll time clock by MinuteHound affords savvy business owners just that. Without blinking an eye, employers can not only double check that everyone is working their designated shift, but they can also make schedule changes from their laptop, desktop or even mobile device! Whether in the office or 20,000 feet in the air, MinuteHound’s innovative time tracking system streamlines attendance records. MinuteHound biometric payroll clock ensures payroll is always completed and delivered on time buy reducing the paperwork trail.

Hands down a biometric payroll time clock by MinuteHound is risk-free. If not 100 percent satisfied, all it takes is a phone call to cancel service. No invasive questioning or trying to sway your decision. Let MinuteHound show you what you’ve been missing. For free information about this revolutionary time clock, call today!

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