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With spring fast approaching, there’s no better time like the present to overhaul your timekeeping strategies. So toss out those ancient time cards, employee badges and that rusty time clock. Technology is the changing the way we do business. Outdated time cards don’t protect employees or supervisors as they used before. MinuteHound’s browser time clock outperforms traditional methods of attendance management.

Besides productivity, what’s the key element to a positive work environment? You guessed right; it’s honesty. With a browser time clock, it’s impossible to pull the wool over the supervisor’s eyes. Even before punching in, employees prove who they are. This totally eliminates the possibility of time theft and payroll fraud. MinuteHound’s browser time clock combines modern-day technology with a time management system tailored to suit any budget.

Runs Like Clockwork
Business owners and managers alike want to make money and save money. MinuteHound’s browser time clock accomplishes both. With a fingerprint scanner the size of a computer mouse, employees simply need to swipe their finger when reporting for work. The exact time of entry is recorded and money is saved. No more wondering of Mr. Joe Doe really arrived on time or had his best buddy clock in for him. Payroll fraud is a huge problem in the business world. And even though it may seem harmless enough, having a co-worker punch in or punch out for you is like stealing money. Another fantastic feature of MinuteHound’s browser time clock is that schedule changes can be made in a flash. Long gone are the days of going through numerous channels simply to hear yes or no.

MinuteHound Works for You

Business owners wear many different hats during the course of their day. Keeping track of employees should never be a concern. A browser time clock allows supervisors to see exactly who is working and who is MIA. Albeit in the boardroom, stockroom or in a route to an another destination around the world, as long as there is an internet connection, business owners can verify that their employees are working their designated shifts.

Affordable Technology
Unlike other biometric systems, MinuteHound’s browser time clock won’t empty your bank account. For only pennies a day, businesses can improve the overall functionality and increase employee productivity. From eliminating time theft to lowering payroll expenses, MinuteHound lightens the load all around! Email alerts, text messaging with schedule changes and online cloud encryption are only a few of the benefits of a MinuteHound browser time clock. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to a biometric browser time clock and getting things moving on the fast track to success.

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