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Why An Attendance Recorder Is So Important

Employees need to be paid. That is a fact for every single business in America. Large or small, public or private. There are many ways to go about this, but having an attendance recorder from MinuteHound is by far the smartest and most cost efficient way to do so. Why? Every attendance recorder from MinuteHound is proven to work and provides results from day one. Each attendance recorder is also guaranteed for life, with live technical support to back it up. Payroll is accurate, costs go down, and the savings begin to add up.

What is an attendance recorder? It is the physical time clock that employees use to clock-in and out of work. They place their finger or thumb on the scanner, their attendance is verified, and time is recorded. The reason why MinuteHound’s attendance recorder is so accurate is because of biometrics. No more paper at all to worry about. Instead, employees simply arrive and take breaks with a simple scan. Buddy punching is over, and all forms of cheating are eliminated. The attendance recorder brings honesty back into payroll reporting.

How The Attendance Recorder Works

Right after account creation with MinuteHound, the attendance recorder is sent out via Priority Mail. Within a couple days, it arrives at the business ready for use. It gets plugged into any computer or POS system. Then, the software is downloaded and employees are registered. It is a very simple, user-friendly setup process and takes less than 10 minutes. If any assistance is required, simply pick up a phone and speak to friendly U.S.A technical support. The attendance recorder is the size of a computer, and will not clutter up any office.

MinuteHound Fingerprint TechnologyOnce installed, the attendance recorder is a business owners dream come true. All reports are accurate and easy to read, which makes payroll an absolute breeze. From any web browser, reports can be accessed. This means from home, work, or on the go, simply log-in to check on staff and their work history. MinuteHound makes an office virtual, and the attendance recorder is the first step in reducing costs and increasing savings.

The Price of The Attendance Recorder

The attendance recorder cost $99.95. This one time fee includes all taxes and handling fees, as wells as delivery! The price includes a lifetime money back guarantee so if for any reason you don’t like, return it for free and get the $99.95 back. No questions asked, as once you start using the attendance recorder, the results will be too good to return! Every business needs to put the attendance recorder to work and see the advantages first hand!

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