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What Is A Web Time Clock? How Does A Web Time Clock Work?

Every business has a time clock and an internet connection, which is why MinuteHound combined both into a web time clock. Powered by advanced technology, the web time clock solves all common workplace problems and makes time and attendance easy. The web time clock is split into 2 different sections: the actual physical time clock, and the time reporting. Employees simply arrive to work, take breaks, and leave work by placing their finger or thumb on a scanner provided to you by MinuteHound. Then, as soon as the employee records their time, it is available live from any web browser. The web time clock is easy to use, simple to setup, and proven to provide results!

Using a web time clock is easy. After setting up an account with MinuteHound, the time clock is mailed out. Once received it gets plugged into any computer and it’s ready to use. The web time clock never saves anything to the computer, but instead uploads all information over the internet to cloud servers. All information is 100% safe, as not even the fingerprint itself is ever recorded. This is how businesses are able to save money, reduce expenses, and have less stress. Records are always available, and the web time clock is supported around the clock in order to provide the best support available. Your success is MinuteHound’s number one goal!

The Web Time Clock Is Paperless and Foolproof

The time clock used by employees has them use their finger or thumb to sign in and out, which means all times are accurate and honest. No more cheating or manipulation. In addition, the web time clock also prevents human error. If employees ever forget to clock-in or out, an email is sent letting that employee and a manager know someone did not show up, arrived late, or is trying to punch out early. MinuteHound is like having an assistant on standby at all times.

Not only does MinuteHound stop time theft and prevent errors, it also reduces supply costs by being paperless. The web time clock makes everything digital. No more filing cabinets or files to store and never look at again. All records are kept safely and securely in the cloud available for download at anytime. Employees can log-in and view their individual time card, letting them keep track of their own time. The web time clock solves common everyday time and attendance problems, making payroll an absolute dream come true!

Web Time Clock Costs, Fees, and Price

MinuteHound has many options and features available for all clients. It’s affordable and guaranteed to work or your money back, for life! The time clock itself is a one time fee of $99.95. That is the final price to include priority shipping and taxes. MinuteHound itself is a monthly fee of $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. That includes everything! All features to include technical support and lifetime updates. The web time clock is such an easy decision to make. If you don’t like MinuteHound simply return the time clock for the full scanner price! Try it today and start saving!

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