Benefits of Cloud Based Biometric Time Login

7 Benefits of Cloud-based Biometric Time Login

Cloud-based biometric attendance system saves businesses both time and money.
A recent survey revealed that an alarming amount of employees commit time theft by time cards padding. Apparently, 45 percent do so by recording inaccurate times, another 23 percent do so by punching in for a co-worker (buddy punching), and high percentages of others do so by using office hours for personal tasks and frequent breaks.

Time Theft
Employee Honesty in the Workplace

Methods employees use to commit time theft

To solve this, businesses have turned to cloud-based biometric time login systems in an effort to prevent time theft. According to the APS (American Payroll Systems), 75% of businesses in the United States are time-theft victims. This amounts to around a 7% loss of gross payroll. A biometric-based time and attendance software can eliminate the most flagrant form of time theft – buddy punching. Perhaps the emergence of 5G may result in an even more beneficial cloud-based biometric time login system.

Benefits of cloud-based biometric time login

1. Productivity / Efficiency
Monitoring and management are often time-consuming and expensive. It takes a lot of time to process time cards, create schedules, and authorize overtime and leaves. Creating payroll manually is another laborious addition to the list. An automated attendance login system eliminates these hassles. Businesses can keep track of employees’ hours and automatically import information into their payroll system. The time and effort saved, along with data accuracy, help to optimize the use of resources. This leads to productivity as well as profit.

2. Makes time fraud impossible
The cloud-based biometric time login system makes things simple and fast. It also protects against cheating. With traditional systems, employees may attempt fraudulent techniques to mark their attendance. Such fraudulent activities may appear insignificant when performed, but they can cause havoc for the business in the long term. At such a time, cloud-based biometric attendance systems help collect trustworthy information about employees. Biometric time login systems record fingerprints and relevant critical information that inaccessible, given that the information is stored in the cloud.

3. Increased return-on-investment
Increased productivity leads to higher profit. Productivity can be increased by reducing issues related to employees, such as lazy attitudes and time theft. Appropriate attendance management leads to proper system management, which brings in more investment opportunities for the company. It helps save more money and allows businesses invest in technologies that further boost the productivity of the firm.

4. Accurate payroll records
Nucleus Research reports that 74% of employers experience payroll losses of nearly 2.2% of gross payroll because of buddy punching. A cloud-based biometric system helps record employees’ attendance accurately, which means employees are paid accordingly. Employers can take note of how many hours employees have worked, which in turn helps in making informed decisions. Reduction in over-payment leads to huge cost cuts for businesses.

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MinuteHound Graph Showing Employee Bad Habits

Due to time theft, many companies fail to recognize deserving employees who work overtime. They end up paying more or equal money to others based on buddy punching, rather than those individuals who truly deserve it. Biometric enables human resource teams to maintain proper payroll records, giving them the flexibility to manage the system appropriately.

5. Enhanced employee satisfaction
Employers often fail to balance production in companies, which enable them to force the overtime system application. Employees complain that their employers take less or no notice of their hard work and efforts when giving them overtime hours, because of poor or obsolete record keeping methods. Because of this, employees get frustrated if employers don’t give proper returns on their efforts. Here, the biometric time login systems provide access to appropriate overtime systems that offer proper appreciation to the workforce. Also, because production meets accordingly without time-theft aspects, businesses would achieve a balanced working environment where employees would not be forced to do anything.

6. Safe and easy to use
One of the best things about cloud-based biometric clocks is that they integrate a highly-effective technology that is easy and safe to use in any organization. The accurate results provided by these technologies are hardly invasive. In addition to this, the clocks are easy to install and use.

7. Reduced time with payroll
A cloud-based biometric clock is unique compared to traditional modes of timekeeping in offices. Since employees have to go to a separate terminal and record their attendance time using their fingerprint, timekeeping becomes memorable to employees. It also leads to a reduced amount of missed punches. Further, biometric attendance systems are recorded instantly. This helps managers quickly identify missed attendance punches, which also allows for corrections before involving payroll.

Cloud Based Conclusion

A cloud-based biometric time login system provides an excellent way to ensure attendance. It’s ability to do away with buddy punching as well as reduce time theft provides significant benefits for businesses. Add to that improved accuracy with payroll and timekeeping, and it becomes an all-around cost-saving mechanism. With very simple setup procedures, the easy-to-use system is a great technological addition for your business.

Author credit goes to Ralf Llanasas

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