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Your Punched Card Machine Is a Museum Piece

There is no need to have a punched card machine taking up valuable real estate in your office or place of business. These machines have become objects for The Old Office Equipment Museum like typewriters and adding machines. Today, when they pass a punched card machine, many people have to pause and wonder what it is.

The New Technology of Biometrics
With MinuteHound technology, employees clock in and out with a touch of their finger. That is all it takes. This can be done from any computer, and the need for a punched card machine is eliminated. We all know that each person’s fingerprints are different. Now that feature can be put to work to save your company time and money when it comes to gathering time and attendance data.

Monitor Staffing From Anywhere
An employee starts each shift with the scan of one of their finger. The possibility of getting a friend to clock you in on the punched card machine when you are running late is eliminated. MinuteHound technology puts that finger scan out on the cloud so you can monitor who is on the job from anywhere you have access to the Internet. When an employee’s shift is over, or they need to take a lunch break, another simple scan of their finger is all it takes to clock out. Furthermore, MinuteHound can be set up to send an email and/or text alert each time there is an exception to the staffing schedule. Now that the punched card machine is eliminated, you can react in real time to over- and under-staffing issues, employees showing up late or leaving early, extra-long lunch breaks and no-shows.

Other MinuteHound Benefits
MinuteHound Biometric Punch ClockIn addition to eliminating the need for a punched card machine and being able to monitor attendance and react to staffing exceptions in real time, MinuteHound provides time and attendance reporting from data that is stored using cloud technology.

MinuteHound is not a payroll system, but it can be used to collect raw data to be used as input to a proprietary or third-party system. Because there are not time cards used with a punched card machine, MinuteHound eliminates the waste of the paper cards and the need to store them. MinuteHound is easy to implement; you get excellent technical and user support and free upgrades as enhancements are made to the software.

With the ease of implementing MinuteHound in your business, you eliminate the punched card machine. In addition, you provide yourself and your managers the ability to manage staffing and scheduling exceptions in real time and enjoy all the other cost-savings and benefits that biometric technology provides

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