Biometric Attendance Machine- Superior Employee Time and Attendance

Biometric Attendance Machine- A Business Owner’s Best Friend

Employee’s are not perfect and they can make mistakes that cost business owners money. Plus, when their friend is running late or needs to leave early, they don’t have a problem covering for them and signing them in and out. 5 or 10 minutes to employees means nothing, but to a business owner these minutes add up quick and so does overpaying. Using a biometric attendance machine fixes all of this. A biometric attendance machine is foolproof, as every employee needs to be physically present to record their time. No more cheating of any kind. MinuteHound’s biometric attendance machine is also a fraction of the cost of any other biometric device on the market.

MinuteHound’s biometric attendance machine is the size of a computer mouse. It has the highest read rate in the industry for it’s simple and designed to only read a person’s print, then break it down into numbers. Fingerprints are never stored, kept, or saved. Information is never at risk. The biometric attendance machine is easy to use, with no training required. All employees have to do is scan their finger or thumb when arriving to work, taking breaks, and leaving for the day.

The Many Advantages of Using A Biometric Attendance Machine

Biometrics in business is superior time and attendance. No more paper or pens, and no more assigning a UN or PW to employees. The biometric attendance machine is green technology, which helps businesses save even more money. If an employee wants to view their work history, they can simply log-in and do so. Managers can also log-in to MinuteHound and edit reports and run payroll, from any location in the world. The biometric attendance machine is the physical device used by staff, but MinuteHound is cloud based, so access is always available regardless of location.

Biometric Attendance MachineAnother advantage of using a biometric attendance machine is accurate payroll every time. Biometrics cannot be disputed, and MinuteHound does all the work for you. Reports can be downloaded into ASCII, Excel, or PDF at anytime. When downloading reports, all the time is already calculated for you. Regular hours, overtime, vacations, etc. Just take these reports and conduct payroll in minutes. Stress free and accurate at all times. The biometric attendance machine guarantees honesty and accuracy in reporting.

How Much Does the Biometric Attendance Machine Cost?

The biometric attendance machine is a one time fee of $99.95. It also includes a lifetime money back guarantee. If anything ever goes wrong, it can be returned with no questions asked. MinuteHound also provides around the clock customer service and support as well. If any questions arise, a simple phone call will solve the issue. The biometric attendance machine is state of the art technology at an affordable rate every business can afford. With the amount of money it will save you, most business owners cannot afford to not have a biometric attendance machine!

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Biometric Time & AttendanceNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Biometric Attendance Machine.

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