Biometric Terminals: No More Lines. Employees Start/End Work On Time

Biometric Terminals with MinuteHound

Using biometric terminals in your place of business is safe, secure and convenient. Employees are able to clock in and out with ease and accuracy. As a manager, your able to view live reporting of the biometric terminals in real time. Every second is accounted for. Whether it’s arriving, leaving, or taking breaks your staff simply place their finger on the pad. In under 2 seconds, the process is complete. Quick, fast, and guaranteed accurate. Biometric terminals in your workplace give you a unique advantage in holding employees accountable for their actions.

Biometric terminals consist of an area where you can place the scanner. The fingerprint scanner doesn’t need to be set up right on top of your employees work space. In fact, it can be placed up to six feet away from a computer with the included cable or 54 feet away with the use of three extension cables. As a result, you could set up biometric terminals near the entrance of the business or company. The moment employees enter in for the day, they can visit one of these biometric terminals to be clocked in.

Biometric Terminals Are Safe To Use, Easy To Setup

What are the benefits of setting them up in this manner? As you probably already know, MinuteHound is completely safe. The system uses 128-bit encryption, so fingerprints are not visible to anyone else who uses the computer network. Additionally, the scanning system requires no other information. Employees don’t need any pins or passwords. Just a fingerprint will do! Some employees might be nervous about swiping their fingerprints in front of others. Setting up private biometric terminals, gives them total privacy to clock in without anyone seeing. The scanner itself will let the employee know the clock in was successful. There is no need to have the employees see the computer screen. 100% safe for all users, on all levels.

Biometric Terminals Require Only FingerprintsAdditionally, the flexibility of MinuteHound allows your staff to be more efficient at work. When you set up biometric terminals strictly for the purchase of clocking in and out, employees will quickly swipe in and get to work. They won’t want to form a line, so they won’t be hanging out and chatting with their friends over at the biometric terminals. Also keep in mind this system is 100% paperless. Green technology for your business saves you money. No more paper waste. No more inventory to keep up with.

Benefits of Biometric Terminals

Once you’ve decided to create biometric terminals in your business or company space, you’ll need to figure out the perfect package for you. Fortunately, MinuteHound has packages that work well for companies of all different sizes, and they speak to your budget and financial needs. Furthermore, MinuteHound is always there to help you. No matter what time it is, you can receive customer service to help you with your MinuteHound equipment. Live technical support whenever you need it. No long term commitments. No hidden fees or extra costs. Try out biometric terminals risk free!

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