Biometric Vs. Picture Timeclock: Which Is Better For Business? Reviews

MinuteHound vs. Picture Timeclock

Which is better, a picture timeclock or a biometric fingerprint time clock?

As you’re reviewing your employees’ time cards for the week, you notice that some numbers seem a little bit off. One of the workers from sales claims he was only late one day not two, and the person in human resources says that she didn’t leave work early last Thursday at all. You could’ve sworn that both of these scenarios were not true, so you decide to start using a picture timeclock.

Wait one minute before you implement that device, and listen to the reasons why you should choose MinuteHound over a picture timeclock. A picture timeclock stores a photo of your employees when they enter and leave work for the day. If someone were to hack into the computer used for clocking in, he or she would have access to all of your employees’ photos. This can clearly make people extremely uncomfortable, and hackers might use this information for negative means.

However, MinuteHound does no such action. Instead, it uses 128-bit encryption to transfer data. What does that mean for you and your employees? Well, no one can ever see the fingerprints. Once your employees clock in with their unique fingerprints, the prints are whisked away providing your company with safety and security.

Why A Picture Timeclock Is Not Safe

Keep Information Safe With A Biometric Time ClockAside from possibly compromising personal information and photographs, a picture timeclock can make employees feel uncomfortable in other ways as well. While some employees may be trying to swindle extra funds from you, many of them are also hard workers who would never dream of doing such a thing. Having to sit in front of a computer every day and take a photo might make them feel like a child. However, when it comes to MinuteHound, there is no room for embarrassment. The fingerprint screening device is simple and quick, so employees can clock in and out without a hassle.

A picture timeclock might come with a number of technological problems. Let’s say the employee is in a rush and takes an angled shot of him or herself. If the person is leaning over or turning his or her head around, you might not be able to tell who it is. A picture timeclock could blur the picture or have colors that are somewhat off. In order to keep everything professional and accurate, choose MinuteHound. If you have any issues with your system, know that customer service is always available. A picture timeclock is just too risky. Try MinuteHound today risk free and start saving money!

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