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Failure to keep up with time attendance in business can have a devastating effect

A time clock employee is usually someone that gets paid by the hour. Most times, salary or commision based staff don’t use a time clock. So, pretend for a moment that the workers in your store, while all appearing to be honest, are above-board and up-front. One particular time clock employee is incredibly lazy and is always whining to anyone who will listen about how over worked he is, even though he has the least rigorous job of all the workers. You, the employer, have recently upgraded the archaic wall-mounted clock to a more modern one, a biometric USB fingerprint scanner. The lazy time clock employee doesn’t like this at all, for this means that he and his chum can no longer come into work several hours late and punch in for each other.

The time clock employee gets what he believes is a brilliant idea. Late one evening, when it is time for the employees to be going home, the lazy time clock employee is still there, tooling about. He pretends to be working overtime, when all he is really waiting for is for everybody to leave. Once everyone is gone, he slides over to the new USB fingerprint scanner and tampers with it just a little bit. Then he rushes home at top speed.

The Dangers Of Insecure Time Management Software With Time Clock Employees
The next morning, the time clock employee is taking a lovely nap at 11:00 a.m. instead of working like he should be and you, the boss, are none the wiser. The lazy time clock employee edited the finger scanner’s software to make it appear that he had clocked in when he really hadn’t.

Save Time and Money With Biometrics
MinuteHound versus RFID Time Clock
Activities such as the one described in the above fictional story can seriously hurt your business. This is why it is so important to have tamper-resistant time attendance software in your business. Without it, a time clock employee may successfully be able to cheat you out of many thousands of dollars.

The Benefits Of MinuteHound for time clock employees
MinuteHound is a unique time and attendance system that allows all registered employees to clock-in and out with their finger. What makes this system different from the competitors’ biometric time clocks is that all data is stored in “the Cloud”, eliminating the loss of data if the computer or the scanner should ever become lost or stolen. Managers can view employees’ data in the cloud, in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is another amazing feature with MinuteHound. The time clock can be set up to send a text message or an email to employers if a time clock employee fails to clock-in on time.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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