The Power of a Biometric Timeclock- Emplyee Time Tracking

Biometric Timeclock: Innovation in the Workplace

MinuteHound set out to solve problems that business owners and managers need to deal with every day- time theft, tracking employee contributions, enforcing hours, and maintaining a professional workplace. All of these have their roots in inefficient and outdated timeclocks. The modern, cloud based design of MinuteHound’s biometric timeclock system makes tracking hours easy and significantly reduces violations of workplace policy. The days of dealing with antiquated timeclock technology, and the resulting problems with labor costs, are over.

Fighting Time Theft with Biometric Timeclock Management

It is a common tactic for employees to cover for each other by clocking in or out for one another at the correct times. For example, Fredo might text Jan to tell her that he has to come in a half hour late. Then Jan can just use Fredo’s time card to clock him in at the proper time, so he will be paid for the half hour he is not present. This is called “time theft”, and it is a serious cost control problem. But with MinuteHound, employees need to scan their fingerprints to clock in. This biometric timeclock technology means it is impossible for anyone to clock in for another person. You know for sure that a person clocked in when they appear in the system.

The Power of the Cloud in Biometric Timeclock Technology

MinuteHound versus RFID Time ClockAnother advantage of MinuteHound’s biometric timeclock is the fact that all the information is stored on our servers. That means no one can change or delete time data without the boss knowing. Furthermore, you can set up MinuteHound to automatically send out notifications when someone is late. These notifications can go to anyone, including you, the manager of the day, or the tardy worker! You don’t need to worry about backing up or storing the data. That all happens automatically.

Protect Yourself with a Biometric Timeclock

According to the American Payroll Association, the biometric timeclock from MinuteHound can save employers up to 8 percent on payroll costs. The choice is clear. If you feel like seeing what a biometric timeclock can do for you, MinuteHound has a money-back guarantee with free shipping on returns. So there’s no risk in giving it a try. You might be surprised at how easy and convenient it is to control your payroll. The benefits in terms of savings as well as peace of mind are well worth the cost, and MinuteHound has patented the cloud technology that powers our innovative biometric timeclock service.

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