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Biometric Time Clock: The Future of Time Keeping is Now

Smart companies wait until new technologies are tested and approved. There is nothing worse than changing what works when a new technology comes out that aims to make life easier for managers. MinuteHound provides business owners with a reliable, tested and proven biometric time clock that uses a fingerprint reader to accurately track employee attendance. Don’t wait while other companies maximize their potential and save money on time and attendance software. MinuteHound provides safe, secure, and effective fingerprint readers that act as a biometric time clock to track when an employee arrives or leaves work.

Inexpensive and Effective
Biometric time clock hardware and software is a very inexpensive way to track your employees. Imagine reducing the paperwork in your office and not relying upon faulty RFID badges, employee numbers or other methods that can be abused by your employees. Time theft costs companies a substantial amount of money each year. Rather than investing in more upper management positions to track and manage your employees, a simple biometric time clock can do the job for you. Employees must be physically present to clock in and out of a shift. Managers can manually log employees in if there is an error, but it is also possible to track manual edits and follow up if it becomes a recurring problem.

Biometric Time Clock Software
128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeA biometric time clock is an extremely simple to use device that is plug and play. You don’t need any complicated software and all data gets sent to the cloud. Storage is secure and you can print reports and track attendance from anywhere with an Internet connection. When an employee arrives late, you can set the software to send you an alert. If an employee leaves early, you can also receive an alert. Alerts are sent through email and text messages to make it as convenient to manage your business as possible

Safety and Security
More than just a biometric time clock to control and manage attendance. A biometric time clock can make the workplace safer. New managers might not always know who is coming in and out of work. Using a fingerprint reader can make it possible to ensure that only authorized, registered employees arrive at work. In a company that needs high security, a manager can receive an alert if a crucial member of the team does not arrive on time. This can greatly help to reduce fraud and the potential for someone that isn’t authorized to get access to company information.

Tracking Breaks
Employee breaks are a common way for an employee to cheat the system and eat up company time. Use a biometric time clock to ensure that an employee goes to lunch and comes back on time. Employees that continually abuse the system can be dealt with by showing them the attendance records.

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