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Biometric Time Clock Review – Savings Are in the Fingerprint!

This Biometric Time Clock Review is sure to spark some interest for businesses that want to perform at the highest level of productivity. Businesses lose thousands of dollars every year due to time clock violations. Unethical employees find a way to manipulate the standard time keeping processes, and its the business who suffers. However, the costs can be recovered using the information found in this Biometric Time Clock Review.

The Biometric Time Clock Review confirms that MinuteHound offers businesses a cutting edge solution to theft of company time in the work place. When employees must use their own individual fingerprint to clock in and out, the option of cheating the system is removed. This system is easy to install and the benefits are nearly immediate. This Biometric Time Clock review can save businesses a lot of money with only a small amount of up front investment.

This Biometric time clock review has found that the product is easy to put in place and very easy to manage. The fingerprint reader is connected to a computer via a USB port. The 6 foot cord allows the fingerprint station to be placed in various locations and it does not need to be in front of the computer monitor. The program runs in the background so the computer can be used for other tasks while people are clocking in and out.

Biometric Time Clock Review: Using Cloud Technology

All data that is recorded from the fingerprint scanner is stored using cloud technology. The results can be viewed in real time by the management staff so timely tracking of employees is possible. It was discovered while completing the
Biometric Time Clock review that all punches can be monitored and adjusted by those approved to do it. By simply signing on to the portal, managers can edit and process information in real time. Even employees have basic access to view their own hours. There are 5 different permission settings within MinuteHound, so management can setup the proper access for everyone.

Biometric Time & Attendance: 128 Bit EncryptionAnother nice feature that MinuteHound can offer is the ability to monitor and alter the data from remote locations. This Biometric Time Clock Review has found that you can access the time clock information from any location providing you have internet access. Simply signing in to the portal will allow the employer to monitor their staff from any location. They can travel on business or even work from home and still have access to all of the time clock information that they need. Keep in mind 128-bit encryption is used to safely transfer and store all information.

Upon a thorough review of MinuteHound and the services they provide, this Biometric Time Clock Review has found that this is an amazing opportunity for businesses that are tired of losing money in time clock violations. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the ease of access and accountability that comes from using this system.

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