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Fingerprint Time and Attendance: What are Biometrics?

So, you may be asking, “What are biometrics?” Biometrics help companies protect and secure products by using biological traits. Biological traits are typically located on the body and are unique enough to prevent replication. This practice is more secure, more convenient and poses fewer risks when related to misplacement of an access key since it is physically located on the body.

More companies are recognizing the importance of learning “What are biometrics?” and time theft prevention. Thus, it’s important to ensure your company maintains its competitive advantage. With a competitive advantage, you can retain your customers better than the average company.

What are Biometrics Biological Traits Commonly Used?
Most common biological traits used are the face, hand, voice, and iris inputs. These attributes are fairly unique and cannot be easily replicated by another human. If you integrate biometrics into your security solution, here is what you can expect:

What are Biometrics Hand and Facial Features Recognition Attributes?
Facial and hand features are the most common biological traits used. Laptops commonly require a fingerprint sensor to identify a person’s unique fingerprint pattern. They say that no two people’s fingerprints are alike, making biometric fingerprint recognition the easiest, safest, and non-intrusive way to verify a person’s identity. When face or entire hand signatures are used, they require large amounts of physical space. This is not easily feasible for some people.

What are Biometrics Voice and Iris Recognition Attributes?
An individual’s speech pattern is fairly unique. This is why it can be used as a security measure for laptops and other electronic devices. Only a short phrase will help the computer recognize the user and grant or deny access.
Iris recognition uses the blood vessels of an individual’s retina to identify a person’s identity for security purposes. This type of technology is the most expensive and of course hard to implement. Employees will more than likely not enjoy coming to work everyday and having their eyeball scanned! Fingerprints are the way to go.

What are Biometrics And What Devices Are Used?
What are Biometrics? Fingerprint Time & AttendanceUsing a small and durable fingerprint scanner, MinuteHound’s biometric time and attendance system is foolproof and easy to use. It is plug-and-play meaning that this system is up and running within minutes. Around the clock customer support also provides assistance if it is ever needed. Most other devices companies use are big bulky machines that require professional installation, but with MinuteHound it is easy to incorporate a biometric system with full support.

What are Biometrics?
Biometrics use important attributes that can be excellent security measures for electronic devices. Not only for devices but when you ask yourself, “what are biometrics?”, think of one word: savings! Biometrics for business means no more payroll fraud, time theft, buddy punching, and 100% accurate payroll. MinuteHound offers this technology with pricing plans to meet every budget.

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