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The New and Improved Work Tracking System

The MinuteHound work tracking system is available to any business of any size. Companies in various industries can save money and time with this innovative creation. The MinuteHound system is different from any other system in the industry. It uses a highly advanced fingerprint scanning system for work tracking. The system records employee activity in real time. Real time tracking prevents errors. The payroll department does not have to edit time cards, because the MinuteHound system is completely paperless. The fingerprint scanner does all the work that needs to be done for work tracking.

The MinuteHound work tracking system consists of a fingerprint scanner and a program. The setup is so simple that anyone can connect it within a few minutes. The person who is setting up the system will plug a USB cable into a computer to connect it to the scanner. The scanner becomes the company’s work tracking system as soon as someone connects it to a computer. Employees will press their fingers onto the scanner to clock in and clock out. Work tracking cannot possibly be any easier than it is with this simple system.

Companies are switching to the MinuteHound work tracking system for a number of reasons. Real time tracking makes it easy for administrators to take a snapshot of employee activity. The system is also compatible with any POS system. Enrolling an employee into the system is simplified. The administrator just needs to put the employee’s name and scan his or her finger. The scanner hen breaks the fingerprint down into number and will remember the number from that point on. The program is the most stable and reliable program in the industry.

The MinuteHound work tracking system is available to businesses of any size. Small business owners and large corporations can benefit from using a precise system. The fee for using the program is nominal. Companies can receive high quality services for pennies a day. No obligation is necessary with this work tracking system. A company can cancel its subscription at any time.

Biometric Work Tracking Improves Efficiency and Lowers Costs

Work Tracking For All EmployeeThe best benefit of using the MinuteHound product is the savings. Companies can save 2 to 8 percent on payroll costs. An interested person can use the online calculator to see just how much the business can save. The savings are always high with MinuteHound.

If your company is looking for an error free system that can save time and money, you have come across the right product. Try the work tracking system today. This modern technology can be your best asset. Your business will be more profitable, and your employees will feel secure. Aside from that, you will be helping the planet by using a green product.

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