Biometrics Are The Key to Success to Stop Time Theft

Biometrics Are the Key to Successful Elimination of Time Theft

“How do I keep employees from stealing time?” you’ve probably thought at least a few times if you own a business or are a manager. It’s frustrating. It’s also very difficult to completely control. But what if there were a way to completely eliminate it by using people’s fingerprints to clock in? A decade or two ago that might have sounded futuristic, but today organizations use it all the time. It’s called biometrics, and it can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What is biometrics and how can it save you so much money? Biometrics is a type of system that takes unique human characteristics and uses it as a means to identify them. It’s very similar to science fiction movies from the 1990’s and earlier in which the characters went to places that required them to have retinal scans to access different security levels.

Biometrics Are Used in Everyday Applications

Today in the real world, the technology of biometrics is very similar to the movies, but most work places are, thankfully, much less action-packed and drama-filled. You can use biometrics to help your business with very routine and mundane problems, such as time theft.

How do biometrics prevent time theft? When a business uses biometrics technology, such as fingerprint scanning, employees must use their fingerprints to clock in and out of work. This means that employees who are running late can’t give their username and password to their co-worker friends to punch them in so the tardy employee looks like their on time.

There’s even more benefits for businesses that are still using paper and pen. Paper methods are messy, unreliable, and easily forged. When you upgrade to biometrics technology, you don’t have to worry about employees rounding their time in their favor.

Biometics Is No Longer Science Fiction

Fingerprint Clock in SystemYou also don’t have to worry about employees forgetting their usernames and passwords. It’s impossible to forget to bring your fingerprint to work, so you, as a business owner or manager, won’t have the hassle and time-consuming task of calling human resources or a company so that you can get your employee clocked in.

Fingerprint scanning as a time-tracking device can save you and your company a lot of money. It can do this by stopping time theft. It might sound futuristic, but the benefits of the technology in the science fiction of the 1990s is available to regular businesses today.

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