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What is the MinuteHound Time and Attendance Tracking System?

In the old days, time and attendance tracking was a difficult task. Companies once had an entire department devoted specifically for this task. At the end of every work week, employees in this department would read time cards and calculate how much money was owed to each employee. It was a tedious task that was prone to problems such as Human error, mechanical failures in time and attendance tracking systems, lost time cards and one particularly large problem that still plagues businesses to this day: time theft.

Time Theft is More Common Than You Might Think

Time theft is still rampant on the job. Although it’s difficult to get exact figures, an article from EPay Systems estimates lost productivity in the $400 billion range worldwide. The article further estimates that as much as 74% of all businesses have experienced losses from time theft.

Regardless of how innocent it might seem, time theft is still considered theft because employees are wrongly getting paid for time they haven’t actually spent on work-related activities. Common examples of time theft include:

  • Punching in late
  • Punching out early
  • Sleeping on the job
  • Buddy punching (employees having a friend punch in for them)
  • Unauthorized break time
  • Taking personal phone calls while on the clock

Time Theft Still Exists, Despite Technological Advances

Although time and attendance tracking systems have come a long way since the ancient time clocks of yesteryear, most businesses are not seeing significant progress in preventing time theft. The digital time and attendance systems employed by many companies today are still prone to errors due to time theft. However, MinuteHound has created a system that may significantly reduce the impact of time theft, if not eliminate it entirely.

How MinuteHound’s Time and Attendance Tracking Works

The MinuteHound time and attendance system is one of the most secure tracking systems to date. The system installs easily on any computer in your network. With the MinuteHound system, employees track their time and attendance by using a fingerprint scanner rather than a time card or badge. The system securely logs each punch, including the date, time and employee’s name. The data is stored off-site on a secure cloud server accessible from anywhere in the world. This means you can access your data from any internet-capable wireless device!

The MinuteHound time and attendance system eliminates the following:

  • Unapproved overtime
  • Time card manipulation
  • Time card errors
  • Buddy punching

If anything seems wrong, the system can be set up to send you an email or text message, depending on your preferences.

Assign Access to Select Employees
Fingerprint Clock in System

If you have a separate department that tracks time and attendance for you, you can assign access to anyone in your company! You can even control how much access they have! This ensures that your payroll department has sufficient access to do their jobs, but they won’t have free reign over the data.

Safe and Secure

If you’re worried about security, MinuteHound has that covered too. Since the data is stored off-site, encrypted and password-protected, corporate spies or unscrupulous employees will find the data extremely difficult to access, even if they should somehow gain access to the database.

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