A Fingerprint Time Clock That Solves Buddy Punching

Why You and Your Business Needs a Fingerprint Time Clock

Even though you might like the idea of your employees befriending one another and getting along in the workplace, there is one thing that you could be worried about when it comes to employees getting really chummy with one another: things like “buddy punching,” when one employee swipes his or her time card and a friend’s. If you do not have a fingerprint time clock and instead use a more traditional time card and machine, this could be more of a problem than you realize.

There are various reasons why employees who don’t have to use a fingerprint time clock do this. In some cases, it’s innocent; if two co-workers who are friends walk in together, it might not seem like a big deal for one employee to punch both time cards.

However, in some cases, this can be problematic. For example, one employee could swipe another’s time card before he or she even gets there. This could be done to help prevent he employee for getting in trouble for being late for work, or it could be done to help the other employee log a few more minutes — which can add up to hours — on his or her weekly paycheck.

Buddy Punching Costs You More Than You Think

Regardless of why it is done, buddy punching can be a bad thing for your business. For one thing, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying payroll expenses for an employee who isn’t even there. Secondly, you deserve to be aware of which employees are late for work each day. After all, even though tardiness might be excusable every now and then, you should be able to address issues with employees who are late on a regular basis.

Fortunately, MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock can help with this. As the name suggests, fingerprint time clock, MinuteHound, actually requires your employees to use their thumbprints to sign in and out of work each day. Switching to a fingerprint time clock can be beneficial for your business for many reasons, including the fact that it can help you put a stop to buddy punching altogether.

A Fingerprint Time Clock To Track Every Single Minute Worked

Once you start using a fingerprint time clock, you do not have to worry about paying employees for time when they aren’t working. Additionally, your fingerprint time clock can also help you stay aware of which employees have regular tardiness issues. In fact, the fingerprint time clock can be set up to send you an email or text message when someone clocks in late so that you can address the issue right away.

If you have not thought about using a fingerprint time clock in your place of business, you may want to find out more about MinuteHound. Along with preventing buddy punching, this can benefit your business in a few different ways.

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