Biometrics Fingerprint Recognition: Business Payroll And Time Keeping

Biometrics Fingerprint Recognition Is Simpler Than It Sounds

Do you know anyone that’s techno-phobic? Like many new technologies, a biometrics fingerprint recognition system sounds complicated. Even though it is advanced, it is very easy to use. There is no training required. No down time or learning curves to worry about. MinuteHound keeps it simple.

Security professionals know that complex systems can have many vulnerabilities. A simple system has fewer risks. Using biometrics fingerprint recognition means that a simple fingerprint scan does it all. With a quick scan, the employee is clearly identified and the time of the scan is recorded. MinuteHound uses the biometrics fingerprint recognition scan to clock the employee in and out of work. It’s simple and secure. You can also track breaks. Every minute is accounted for.

Biometrics Fingerprint Recognition Is Safe And Easy To Use

Look at your finger. You’ll see a pretty complex design there. We know from decades of biometrics fingerprint recognition science that each fingerprint is unique. That complex pattern isn’t found anywhere else. What MinuteHound does is take that complex pattern and reduce it to a simple, unique number. MinuteHound doesn’t store a picture or description of the fingerprint. It just saves the one number that uniquely describes one fingerprint. No images are ever stored. Privacy for every user on every level.

Installing biometrics fingerprint recognition software is simple, too. The power of the cloud is now in use! This means you can access your information from anywhere. You can sign on and use it. The data comes from a fingerprint scanner at your location. You just plug it in to an Internet-connected computer and the quick installation software runs. Anytime, anywhere access gives you the advantage. From home, office, or the golf course your always in control.

Plug Into Savings With Biometrics Fingerprint RecognitionHere’s how it all comes together. From a simple finger scan, the biometrics fingerprint recognition data collection software on your PC lets MinuteHound know someone scanned. In the cloud, the data is recorded and organized. You can sign on from anywhere and check the records, look at reports, download data for payroll or get spreadsheet data for analysis. The data is safe and secure off site. You have easy access, and clocking in and out is a breeze.

Biometrics Fingerprint Recognition Powers Your Business

Making the decision to use the MinuteHound biometrics fingerprint recognition system is simpler than you’d think. The cost of the finger scanner and the monthly fee are low. You won’t have to go up the chain of command to get approvals. If you’re a business owner, it will be easy to make the MinuteHound choice. If you’re ready to go right now, we’ll usually get your finger scanner on the way on the same day. Shipping is free.

Also, keep in mind MinuteHound is risk free. If for whatever reason you ever decide to cancel, you can do so at anytime. All you have to do is return the scanner, and you will receive a refund for the full scanner price. MinuteHound is not a product on a shelf. Live technical support is always available. There is an alert system to notify you via text and email if your employees arrive late or leave early. With so many features and benefits, all while being completely risk free, you can’t go wrong! Try MinuteHound today and spark a change in your office.

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