Time And Attendance: Biometric Hand Reader For All Types Of Business

What Is And Why Every Workplace Needs A Biometric Hand Reader

If your an employer or manager, a biometric hand reader is your best tool and resource. Employees either work per hour, salary, or commission. Regardless of method, how do you keep track of the time? If your paying them, your entitled to know how they spend their time. Every business needs an accurate and reliable way of tracking time in order to pay employees and keep records. Time sheets using pens and paper is not accurate and reliable. Pins and passwords can be shared. A biometric hand reader is the safest, most secure, and user friendly system on the market. MinuteHound time and attendance is your full solution and works on a monthly subscription, this way you only pay for what you need. $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Sounds simple right? It is!

The biometric hand reader is exactly what it sounds like; a small device which records your employee’s fingerprint every time they clock-in or out. Keep in mind MinuteHound offers a service like no other, and privacy is always held to the highest standards. No images are ever kept on file. There is never a fingerprint or image ever stored as the biometric hand reader immediately breaks down all prints into numbers. This is the unique method MinuteHound and only MinuteHound uses to ensure your information is never at risk. All your employees have to do is arrive, take breaks, and leave work by placing their finger on the scanner.

How A Biometric Hand Reader Improves Office Morale

Any other type of time and attendance that does not require verification is outdated and serves no purpose. When using a biometric hand reader, cheating and fudging numbers cannot happen. The days of friends at work who cover for one another are over. A biometric hand reader ensures all employees must follow the same rules. MinuteHound has a unique alert system which e-mails and sends a text message to managers if employees ever try to sneak in late or leave early. This way, even unsupervised employees are kept honest.

Use The Internet To Gain An Advantage. Make Your Office VirtualThe biometric hand reader is your modern answer to modern problems. The Internet is a powerful tool, and now you can use it as a huge advantage to run your business and manage your staff. As a manager your able to log-in to your MinuteHound portal from anywhere at anytime to view/edit information. Out at night and want to see if all your staff showed up? No problem! Just open up a web browser from your mobile device and take a look. Someone going on vacation or leave? As a manager from the golf course your able to log-in and update information as you see fit. Make technology work for you. The biometric hand reader is a toolbox of resources at your disposal.

The Biometric Hand Reader Is Cutting Edge And Stays That Way

Want to know the best part about the biometric hand reader? The price! Whether your a small or large business doesn’t matter, as you only pay for what you need. The cost is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. The only other cost is for the biometric hand reader itself, which is a one time fee of $99.95. That price also includes a lifetime money back guarantee. The small monthly fee includes live technical support whenever you need it, and all the features and benefits of MinuteHound.

Lifetime updates are also included. Whenever there is an update, you get it included with your monthly fee. No hidden costs, no stress. The biometric hand reader will spark a change in your workplace from day one. Give it a try today, you will be so glad you did!

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