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How do Employees Stealing Time Affect my Bottomline?

Whether employees are stealing time or merchandise, the bottomline is being gutted both ways. If your employee walks out the door with office equipment or product it costs you money. Well, stealing time is the same concept. If an employee is an hour late to work but has a buddy punch them in or simply commit fraud and mark themselves down with false hours, that is stealing time. There are many methods to keep track of employee time and attendance. Business owners can use punch cards, time sheets, or many other variations and tools to keep track. However, they all must keep legal records of hours worked, payroll, taxes, etc. So many local, state and federal laws are all in play when operating a business. Having accurate records are crucial.

How To Prevent Employees from Stealing Time

In order to put an end to fraud, time clock abuse and buddy punching all you have to do is invest in a system that requires a form of identification before time is recorded. MinuteHound’s biometric time clock uses modern technology in order to properly track employee time. Before any time is recorded, employees must place their finger down on a fingerprint scanner to verify themselves while also being physically present. This process stops all forms of fraud and error on the spot. Stealing time is impossible when using this type of system. It is a foolproof system that is easy for employees to use and simple for employers to implement and keep track of.

Save Money. Stop Time Theft

When searching for “stealing time” online, there is a plethora of results. Buddy punching and time theft hurt each and every business. Billions of dollars are paid out every year resulting from time theft. On top of stealing time are labor laws. If you as a business owner do not keep proper documentation of paying employees, lawsuits can bring down your business. Stealing time can be stopped and MinuteHound is how it is done. MinuteHound also offers automated reports, custom fields and tracking of PTO/Vacation/etc. In addition, you can create schedules in Minutehound in order to track employees. If someone does not show up on time, not at all or tries to leave early MinuteHound can notify you via text or email. The system works perfectly and gives you more control of your staff. No obligations required as MinuteHound is month-to-month. You are never locked into anything. If it works for you keep paying, otherwise, cancel anytime.

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