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Introducing MinuteHound Cloud Attendance Software

If you own or manage a business, you know how important it is to prevent time theft. This also ensures that your employees are honest. Manual time keeping can be inconsistent and even expensive. This is where cloud based attendance software comes in. MinuteHound removes the need for employee ID cards. It creates time sheets quickly that would otherwise need to be written by hand. MinuteHound’s cloud based attendance software uses biometric fingerprint technology. When an employee comes into work, he can put a finger on a button. It records the time they come in. This is only a layer of the foundation MinuteHound builds on.

As companies have become friendlier to remote employees, time tracking has become more expensive and difficult. MinuteHound tracks and manages many employee issues. Because it is cloud based attendance software, any manager can access time reports from anywhere. That means that even a remote manager can view employee information. Perhaps an even more useful feature is notifying managers if employees are absent or late. Managers can input the expected dates and times for employees to be present. MinuteHound sends an email alert if an employee does not show up. This feature allows companies to notice employees who regularly aren’t at work.

Cloud Based Attendance Software is Affordable and Reliable

MinuteHound cloud based attendance software is priced to sell. It costs most companies only pennies per day. It has an easy to use interface so there’s no need to pay for training. Security is a common concern. With so many data hacks in the news, this is a valid worry. Companies can rely on 128-bit strong encryption with MinuteHound to keep all employee and company data safe. It’s still easy to access for anyone who has the proper credentials to view the information.

Internet Based Time TrackingFor companies with remote workers, biometric scanners aren’t always worth it. The cloud based attendance software has a “web only” option. This means that employees can use their network-enabled device to “clock in” to our cloud. It records the IP address along with the timestamp on the cloud based attendance software. This lets managers verify that employees may record time only when physically present.

Start Using Cloud Based Attendance Software

MinuteHound cloud based attendance software offers around the clock support for companies of all sizes. It’s ready to go right away. The only hardware that needs time to set up is the biometric scanner, if a company chooses that option. Which consists of plugging it in and downloaded the software, thats it! The cloud option is paperless and accessible around the world. It can save a large sum of money over traditional employee timekeeping. Employees won’t need to remember to bring anything besides their fingerprint with our cloud based attendance software!

There is no risk or obligation if you try MinuteHound. Contact us to get started today!

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