Biometric Time and Attendance Device for Employee Payroll

No Time Like the Present

In times of economic hardship, maintaining payroll and management staff consumes over 50 percent of a company’s total revenue. With cutbacks happening across the board, it’s vital to maintain productivity while trying to make a profit. And although many businesses have been forced to eliminate management costs by laying off their employees, others are desperately trying to increase employee productivity and accountability.

Many business owners have turned to biometric time and attendance systems in attempt to replace lost personnel. Unfortunately, manual methods of calculating payroll are time consuming and prone to human error. In comparison, a biometric time and attendance system is error free, easy to install and highly accurate. In addition, biometric time tracking systems improve efficiency, productivity and boost employee moral.

What is a Biometric Time and Attendance System?

Back in the day, traditional time clocks revolutionized payroll, or at least that’s what was thought. Flash forward to present day, and this old-fashion method of keeping attendance has become an eyesore. Who wants to trek to the time clock when there is work to do? A MinuteHound biometric time and attendance system records the precise moment when your employees start and stop working. What does that mean for you? In a nutshell, you are saving hundreds of dollars each month by not paying for your employees to walk around the office.

Security at its Finest

If you’re still using conventional timekeeping methods such as paper time sheets, you’re leaving yourself and your employees open to fraud and theft. When you transition to MinuteHound’s biometric time and attendance system, you have the peace of mind that everyone’s personal information is safe and secure. Since all of your employees punch in and out using their unique fingerprint, it’s impossible for anyone to steal their identity.

Web Based Punch Clock SoftwareFurthermore, time theft and buddy punching will become a thing of the past. When ID badges were all the rage, it was far too easy for co-workers to clock in and out for each other. Fortunately, a biometric time and attendance system allows you to tend to business without worrying about who is being honest and who isn’t. It’s impossible to buddy punch with a MinuteHound’s biometric time and attendance system in place.

Cost Effective

You probably think you can’t afford a biometric time and attendance system. How could something so advanced be affordable? In essence, you actually save money when you install a MinuteHound biometric time and attendance system in your office. For pennies a day, you have flawless accuracy with only the touch of a finger!

In order to be successful, your business should run like a clockwork. Let MinuteHound show you everything you’ve been missing!

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