Reliable and Cost Effective Time Clock Software

Maybe it’s Time to Move from Time Cards to Time Clock Software

People say that change is hard, but MinuteHound™ makes it easy. Say good-bye to time cards and sign-in sheets and hello to the state-of-the-art time clock software and biometric fingerprint scanner time and attendance system. The software takes less than ten minutes to install on any computer at your facility that has an internet connection, and the scanner is plug and play. Easy peasy. The computer becomes your clock-in terminal, while the time clock software operates in the background.

Wait. That Sounds too Easy

Okay. Let’s start at the beginning. You’re considering the MinuteHound™ time clock software because:

  • You’ve been frustrated by the number of hours payroll has to spend reconciling time cards, computing overtime, and verifying vacation days.
  • You know there is occasional buddy punching, but unless you have someone posted by the time clock, it’s hard to eliminate.
  • As dedicated and professional as your payroll person is, they’re human, and human’s make mistakes – sometimes costly ones.
  • When you’re away from the office or the plant floor, you wish there was a way to know exactly what kind of manpower you have working vs how much you need for a rush project so you could make adjustments accordingly.

If only there was a way…

Is MinuteHound’s™ Time Clock Software With Biometric Fingerprint Scanner the Answer?

  • You’ll save from 2-8 percent on payroll costs because the system will produce detailed reports based on the parameters you set.
  • Because of the biometric fingerprint scanner’s fool proof identification, there’ll be no more buddy punching.
  • Because there are no time cards, the time and attendance records will be error free.
  • Designated managers can create reports designed by them for their particular needs, and they can also set alerts to be notified if certain conditions are met.

I’m Not Sure I Can Sell the Idea of a Fingerprint Scanner and Time Clock Software to My Employees

Time Clock Reviews 2014 - A Must ReadYou can help alleviate privacy concerns by assuring your employees that there’s no Big Brother here. Their fingerprint will be converted into an encrypted 128-bit number and then fragmented even further. The system recognizes employees by that encrypted number. Their fingerprint is never stored and cannot be retrieved or reverse engineered. MinuteHound™ uses this patented encryption process to ensure employees’ privacy.

The time clock software and the fingerprint scanner are not Draconian devices. They’re just good business.

Sounds Great, But Will My Data be Safe?

That’s where the cloud comes in. Since everything is stored securely in the cloud, it won’t be lost if your computer crashes or gets stolen. Power outages are inconvenient but they won’t cause you to lose any data. As long as you have an internet connection, whether it’s a laptop, iPad or smart phone, as a designated manager, you’ll have real time access to reports about who’s on the clock. You’ll be able to set up alerts to ensure a shift is covered and make adjustments if necessary.

Are you ready to make a change to the MinuteHound™ biometric fingerprint scanner and time clock software?

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