New and Improved Cloud Computing For Business- Time and Attendance

What Can Cloud Computing Do for Your Business?

By now, most of us have become familiar with the term “cloud computing.” For most people, their experience with the cloud involves keeping personal files and information in sync across their different computers and devices. Cloud computing for business, on the other hand, is an entirely different animal.

There was a time when “the cloud” was considered by many to be jargon or some passing craze, but the truth is that cloud computing for business and personal use is in the process of revolutionizing the Internet as we know it. Cloud technology may well prove to be the next step of the Internet’s evolution.

What Is Cloud Computing for Business?
In some industries, cloud computing refers to the practice of essentially renting computing power, servers, and digital storage space, often for just pennies per day. In other industries, cloud computing can take different forms. So it is with MinuteHound.

How Does MinuteHound Use Cloud Computing?
For some time now, one of the missing pieces of the timekeeping puzzle was integration with the cloud. In the age of paper punch cards, hard copies of employee records had to be kept, which not only took up space but were susceptible to getting misplaced.

MinuteHound is looking to change all that with our timekeeping software, which fully utilizes cloud computing for business. You’re now able to store your company’s vital timekeeping data in the cloud, which not only keeps it safe but also accessible. You can access up-to-the-minute reports from almost anywhere in the world, ensuring that even when you’re working offsite, you’ll never be out of the loop.

As with every system that uses cloud computing for business, we take your company’s security seriously. Your sensitive data is kept safe with 128-bit encryption.

How Much Do These Features Cost?
Cloud Computing For BusinessYou’ll be pleased to know that cloud computing for business doesn’t have to cost your company an arm and a leg. Another thing that sets MinuteHound apart is our simple, hassle-free subscription model. We charge just $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, per month. We won’t gouge you with additional or hidden fees. The hardware itself carries a low one-time cost as well as a lifetime money back guarantee. Best of all, you can discontinue service at any time; billing is month-to-month, with no long-term contracts to sign.

Cloud Computing for Business Is Here to Stay
MinuteHound is not the first company to use cloud computing for business, but we pride ourselves on having created one of the most elegant solutions to problems that anyone in management will be familiar with by now. If you’ve been looking for a way to eliminate time theft and human error from the time tracking process, as well as a cost-effective solution to do so, look no further.

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