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As a successful property manager, you have the ability to add significant value to your investment property. This is the main reason why seasoned real estate investors will insist that a good property management company has no price. Being precise in every facet of your daily responsibilities is the key to success; from managing various properties to dispensing the workload within the office, the challenging duties of a property manager require the right tools to get the job done.

As a property manager, you are in charge of many different types of employees. In addition to receptionists and office staff, you may also be in charge of security personnel and concierge. With MinuteHound fingerprint attendance software, you can verify that everyone has arrived on time without having to turn your attention away from the day’s list of demands. Since every employee’s presence is verified with a time stamp, it’s impossible for them to arrive late or slip out early without you knowing.

Property managers are also in charge of contractors or other types of repairmen, and a fingerprint attendance system can make sure even non-regular employees are fulfilling their job duties. Since most contractors and repairmen charge an hourly rate, having a fingerprint attendance verification system in place can help save money. Verifying attendance isn’t a responsibility a property manager needs on their already full plate. With MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance system, the added responsibility of tracking down your missing employees is taken care of for you. MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance system provides 100 percent foolproof identity verification for every staff member.

How Does Fingerprint Attendance Software Work?

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Fingerprint Attendance
MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance software is easy to install. It’s as easy as downloading the software onto your computer and inputting employees’ information. No long tutorials, training or guidance is required. Anyone with a bit of time can implement the system within minutes, but support is always available.

Employees registered within the MinuteHound fingerprint attendance system will never have to worry about their identity being exposed online. After their identity is verified, their fingerprint is converted into a unique numerical code and stored safely in the cloud. Only authorized personnel have access to this information. The 128-bit encryption guarantees that workers’ confidentiality is 100 percent secure at all times.

Property management companies need precise organization if they want to run a tight ship. By adding MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance software to their arsenal, savvy property managers can stay on top of their game and ensure all of their employees do too. If you’re looking for ways to batten down the hatches in your property management program, why not see what MinuteHound can do for you?

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