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Portability, Convenience and Function: USB Biometric Fingerprint Readers

Adding a USB biometric fingerprint reader to your business makes good financial sense. The time taken out of each work day to deal with time and attendance problems can be greatly reduced by implementing a simple USB biometric fingerprint reader into your logging process. A fingerprint reader even has some nontraditional uses that can help improve the security and accountability of your company. MinuteHound gives your company the benefits of improved efficiency ans savings.

Identity Verification Solutions
One novel use of a USB biometric fingerprint reader is to track when users enter and exit work. Whether it is arriving, taking breaks, or leaving for the day, having a USB biometric fingerprint reader on site takes out all the guess work. The USB biometric fingerprint reader keeps employees honest around the clock, regardless if supervision is there or not. MinuteHound is used by over 150,000 daily users, for this system works!

Portability and Convenience
You can carry the USB biometric fingerprint reader with you when you go to conferences or have to work off site. No more relying upon manually entering your information into a spreadsheet or time log. The USB biometric fingerprint reader sends all data securely to an external server. Managers can watch logs and see when employees clock in and out of work. Manage your company even when you can’t be at the office. The USB biometric fingerprint reader plugs into any computer, which gets rid of the need for a dedicated time clock option.

Notifications and Alerts
Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackReports can be printed out, exported to a spreadsheet, PDF, Excel or ASCII format for compatibility with your preferred software program. When an employee clocks in late, you will know. When an employee clocks in early, or leaves early, you will also know. Set up the software to send alerts with a text message, email or both options to keep tabs on your employees. If an employee clocks in late or an error is made, an administrator can log-in and change the times. It is simple to keep track of call-offs, sick days, vacation time, and other absences.

Reduce Fraud and Time Theft
Fraud and time theft are a thing of the past with a USB biometric fingerprint reader. Keep track of your employees and address problems with employees that always clock in late or leave early. Because the USB biometric fingerprint reader requires a unique fingerprint, employees can’t get away with a friend clocking them in or out.

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