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Effective business management begins with a comprehensive program that is designed to meet the requirements of the business as well as the employees. The right system needs to incorporate many areas within a business such as attendance, payroll, and labor costs. The Commercial Off The Shelf or COTS time and attendance application software programs were created to optimize the entire process. This includes recording employees checking in and out of work. It has been proven that COTS time and attendance application programs do not offer all the necessary options to get the job done.

MinuteHound is a time tracking program that helps businesses increase their profit margin right from the beginning. The goal of the program is to save money through efficient attendance accounting procedures that keeps employees accountable for their time. MinuteHound is all encompassing. This helps businesses take control of their employee’s time and keep track of all pertinent labor information. This is something that is missing in a COTS time and attendance application.

COTS time and attendance application programs can be difficult to use adding to the frustration of employee management. The time that is spent learning to manage a new program is costly to a company. It is important to invest in a system that is easy to use in a short amount of time. MinuteHound is a user friendly program that optimizes a time tracking system. It has payroll cost savings that is built in. It is easy to customize for businesses big or small. This keeps employees on track and saves businesses money right from the beginning.

COTS Time and Attendance Application Offers No Real Value Compared to Biometrics

The easy implementation of MinuteHound allows businesses to acclimate to the new system risk-free and without stress. This system is set up for real-time information. It is highly mobile unlike many COTS time and attendance application systems. MinuteHound is known as “The Future of Time and Attendance.” It has taken their innovative programs to a whole new level.

Make Life Easier Not Harder!MinuteHound is designed to eliminate human error, buddy punching, and time theft. This biometric time clock is small and portable compared to a COTS time and attendance application. The MinuteHound program introduces businesses to efficiency. It truly stands out in a crowd of COTS time and attendance application systems. The web portal is accessible anywhere through an enabled internet device in real time. This allows managers to keep track of all necessary information quickly and easily.

COTS time and attendance application systems do not keep up with the demands that today’s managers require of their programs. MinuteHound is a state of the art system that is adaptable to fit the needs of individual businesses. It is easy to use right from the start without any special training or skills.

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