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One of the more useful exercises a member of any management team can perform is to imagine a day in the life of an employee. What is the average commute? How long does it take to clock in and out? Do they feel their opinion matters? Do they feel valued?

Some of these points of interest are easier to address than others. The good news is that work tracking technology can make great strides toward improving several aspects of the daily employee experience. There was a time when work tracking involved a lot of managerial oversight, paperwork, punch cards, badges, and even computer passwords. It was a headache for everyone involved in the process. Once again, imagine the employee: scrambling to find their ID badge when all they want is to get in their car and get home to their family.

MinuteHound can change all that. As a leader in work tracking technology, MinuteHound offers some of the world’s most advanced biometric fingerprint time clocks. Fingerprint scanners are one of the most elegant solutions to common work tracking problems such as wasted time, frustration, and time theft.

Consider: it’s now nearly impossible for one employee to clock in as another, or to otherwise cover for a co-worker if they’re late or leave early. Biometric work tracking technology effectively prevents fraud in the workplace, ensuring that the trust bestowed on employees cannot be squandered.

While the basic design of biometric work tracking technology is not necessarily a novel idea, MinuteHound’s approach is. Our advanced work tracking system allows employers to set their time clocks on autopilot; if an employee clocks in late or leaves early, the system generates reports automatically, via email or text message. There doesn’t have to be any second-guessing. It’s a highly effective way to create accountability.

Work Tracking From Anywhere – 24/7 Cloud Access

Work Tracking Through BiometricsAnother unique MinuteHound feature is its use of the cloud. Your company’s work tracking data is stored remotely in the cloud, ensuring that it can be accessed quickly, securely, and remotely from almost anywhere. With 128-bit encryption standing guard, your company’s records are always kept safe from prying eyes. For some companies, the deciding factor will be price. At MinuteHound, we understand this; the good news is that biometric time clock technology can become a part of any workplace for just pennies per day. The money you can save on lost time will more than make up for it.

Our technology also has no learning curves, meaning it can be implemented without any training or guidance. That said, we offer support around the clock, ensuring that any issues that do crop up can be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our risk- and obligation-free trial period, MinuteHound is a workplace solution that’s well worth a look.

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