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A Better Alternative to the Immensity of the Kronos Time Clock System

At the heart of all payroll systems is time and attendance record keeping. An employer’s greatest weakness with regard to controlling costs come from their payroll obligations. What is needed is an effective means of keeping track of payroll hours. The Kronos time clock is familiar to many employers. The MinuteHound biometric time clock offers advantages that the Kronos time clock does not.


Possibly the easiest, fastest and most secure form of recording payroll attendance is through the use of biometric technology. Unlike the Kronos time clock that relies on badges or passwords, MinuteHound is the plug and play system that scans and captures a fingerprint. There is no need to worry about forgetting complicated passwords. The fingerprint scanner connects to existing hardware while the program runs in the background without interfering with any terminals.


The MinuteHound biometric time clock uses the most advanced software to convert fingerprint scans into encrypted 128-bit numbers. This patented process ensures privacy since there are no fingerprint images retained. The Kronos time clock user interface employees must access on either one or more terminals is intensive. It means suspending the use of a terminal for the time it takes to clock in. The MinuteHound bio-scan instantly captures and saves the time and date without disruption even if the system is temporarily unavailable. Managers are able to access the system software from anywhere they can connect to the Internet. Whether through a hand held device, a laptop or a desktop computer, payroll can be tracked and modified at a moment’s notice to better control expenses. This information may be printed or exported to a spreadsheet in PDF, Excel or ASCII options.

Advance Notice

Paperless Time Punch Clock SystemTo get a heads up when employees either work more or fewer hours than what was scheduled helps to control labor costs. With Cloud-based computing, managers are able to customize their alerts via email to stay informed in real time. The Kronos time clock offers many reports under menu selections that do not compare to the efficiency of the MinuteHound time clock system. The Kronos time clock can produce exception reports. These take some time compared to the ease of use with MinuteHound. Knowing when changes either occur or need to be made, companies are able to save a lot of payroll dollars as soon as it is installed. There is no need for special technical skills to get started and it only takes minutes to get up and running.

Impossible to Cheat

Compared to the Kronos time clock, it is impossible to cheat the MinuteHound system. There are no punch cards to lose or risk white out corrections, and buddy punching is a thing of the past. MinuteHound™ is more accurate than the Kronos time clock and only costs pennies per day to use. It is the best means of keeping track of time records able to adapt to any size work force.

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