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Employee Attendance System: Biometric Fingerprint

There are several different examples of what an employee attendance system is. The first type of employee attendance system is the time card. In this system, an employee will take his or her time card and slide it into the scanning or punching machine. The machine will punch the correct space with the time and date at which the card was inserted. Then, the employee will replace the card in its slot until it is needed to punch out again. A second type of employee attendance system is the employee identification system. This system works by having an employee enter in his or her identification number into a computer. The computer will mark the time and the date at which the number was entered, and then store that information into a computer system.

What’s the Main Problem With These Systems?
There is a huge issue with these two and other types of employee attendance system as listed above. They all make it too easy to steal time. Time theft is a scourge that is plaguing businesses all over the nation and is resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars being lost as a result of the outright theft and the loss of productivity.

Is There an Employee Attendance System that Can Fix This Problem?
There is! It is called a biometric fingerprint employee attendance system. This type of system works by having an employee scan his or her fingerprint, rather than a punch card or employee identification number. The punch card and number are both easily shared from person to person and one employee can clock another in without a great deal of effort. It is impossible to share fingerprints.

Are There Any Other Advantages?
Plug and Play Biometric Attendance SystemAnother huge advantage is the fact that the biometric fingerprint employee attendance system is so reasonably priced. When a person purchases such a system, the main cost is going to be the fingerprint scanners themselves, because one is needed for every branch of the company. Once the scanners are bought, the overall cost to the employer is about a dollar per employee per week. This means that the biometric fingerprint employee attendance system basically pays for itself, with a fraction of the money that it saves by stopping time theft.

Another unique advantage that only the MinuteHound biometric fingerprint employee attendance system provides is that it records all of the information in the cloud. This means that all of the people who need the information and posses the correct password are able to easily access it. This has the benefit of being able to streamline payroll and ensure that the employer knows who is coming in and when.

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