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How To Use A Biometric Fingerprint Reader

A biometric fingerprint reader is for business use. It doesn’t matter the size, as MinuteHound only charges $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. This way, every sized company can enjoy the savings biometrics will bring to their business. By using a biometric fingerprint reader, all the cheating and honest mistakes caused by employees is over. No more buddy punching, time theft, or payroll fraud. In addition, all human error is corrected. MinuteHound is very easy to use and setup, with no training required. A biometric fingerprint reader will spark a change from day one!

The biometric fingerprint reader is a one time fee. For the very low price of $99.95, each and every biometric fingerprint reader is guaranteed for life. Pay once, and never again. Most companies get started for $99.95 and then pay the low monthly fee for all of the benefits MinuteHound has to offer. Once the biometric fingerprint reader arrives in the mail, all anyone has to do is plug it in. Then, the time clock software is downloaded from any web browser. It works on any computer and runs in the background. Easy, simple, and no learning curves. The biometric fingerprint reader is super-user friendly and MinuteHound always offers assistance should any client need it.

The Additional Features of MinuteHound’s Biometric Fingerprint Reader

By using a biometric fingerprint reader, employees have no other choice but to be honest. Friends cannot log-in for one another, nor change times. Finger and thumbprints cannot be shared. Each employee has to be physically present in order to have their time recorded. If anyone arrives late or clocks-out early, it will be reflected in the reports. The biometric fingerprint reader eliminates cheating and honest mistakes.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader Features Green TechnologyBy using the MinuteHound text and email alert system, even if an employee honestly forgets to clock-in they will be reminded. Same with being tardy and leaving early, alerts can be sent out to whoever administrators designate. This way, shift managers and business owners never have to worry. They can enjoy dessert and if anything happens back at work, MinuteHound will let them know! The biometric fingerprint reader not only keeps employees honest, but employers and managers informed.

Many Ways to Save with A Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Not only does cheating get eliminated, but payroll expenses go down. The biometric fingerprint reader records with precision, therefore the role of the payroll clerk is over. Within minutes and a few clicks, payroll can be exported. No more manual counting or matching times. The biometric fingerprint reader and MinuteHound do all the heavy lifting! It’s also green. Going paperless saves on many levels. Employees have digital time cards, and there is no reason to print unless someone wanted too. Start saving today and see how easy MinuteHound is to use. The biometric fingerprint reader takes about 2-3 days for delivery. What are you waiting for, upgrade today!

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