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You like and trust your employees, but the truth is that there is no going against human nature. When people are confronted with time slips, it makes perfect sense even up the numbers here or to add an hour there. For a punch card system, people will want to cover for their friends. The problem is that this is something that takes money out of your pocket, and that is where MinuteHound’s employee time clock system comes in!

Tell Me About MinuteHound’s Employee Time Clock System!
When you are looking around for a system that works, this employee time clock system is amazing in its simplicity. Essentially, you will put a software program on all of your work machines, and then, when the employee shows up and is ready to work, they scan their fingerprint through a device that is attached to the machine itself. Because the device is keyed to their fingerprints, you will find that there is a 100% accuracy rating when you want to know who was actually at work on time!

Impossible to Cheat
Ask any payroll department, and they will tell you that the standard Employee Time Clock is something that needs overhauling at once. With MinuteHounds Employee Time Clock, you will realize that people cannot add minutes wherever they want, they cannot move forward towards filling in for their friends, and they are kept honest through a system that has its storage in a secure cloud. There is no way for your employees to game this system and cost you money!

Other Advantages for the MinuteHound Employee Time Clock
Connect To Savings Using BiometricsIn the first place, you will quickly see that the MinuteHound Employee Time Clock is usable, but there is more to it than that. It comes with a risk free, money-back return policy that allows you to test it out. When an employee does not log in within a set time frame, you will quickly hear about it because a message, whether email or text, is sent to the manager and to the employee. On top of that, because you can add the device and software to laptops, you will be able to find out how your field employees are doing as well.

Remember that a good payroll program really deserves all of the advantages it can get. This is one of the foundations of your company, so consider the Employee Time Clock to help you manage it well. With the right Employee Time Clock installed, you will be able to do exactly what you need to do get honest accurate accounting from your employees!

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MinuteHound Employee Time Clock.

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