The Many Reasons Why An Internet Time Clock Beats Time Cards

4 Reasons to Use an Internet Time Clock Instead of Time Cards

An Internet time clock has many benefits over traditional time cards. It can save thousands of dollars in time and money. American companies lose $150 billion annually due to inefficient time card systems. Payroll errors and lawsuits play a huge role in this financial loss.

The MinuteHound time clock eliminates this problem. It provides an impressive Return on Investment (ROI), and the system pays for itself from the first day. Here are four reasons to use an Internet time clock instead of time cards.

1. Efficiency
An internet time clock is more efficient that time cards. Systems like MinuteHound keep detailed records that are easy to incorporate into payroll. This removes the need for time card collections at the end of each pay period. It also eliminates manual entry, which is costly and prone to error.

Overpayment, underpayment and employee complaints are the cost of payroll errors. This cost climbs when a worker quits a job due to payment issues or low morale. An internet time clock can alleviate some of these problems.

2. Accuracy
An Internet time clock is much more accurate than time cards. Workers often record their hours at the end of a shift or pay period. This requires a detailed memory, and estimations are usually inaccurate. Companies with break times have less accurate time cards since many workers forget to record their breaks. Most time and estimates favor the employee, which is good for workers but bad for employers. The MinuteHound Internet time clock keeps accurate records that can save a lot of money over time.

3. Security
Plug and Play Punch ClockUnlike time cards, an Internet time clock has security features. Time cards provide virtually no assurance for an employer. Buddy punching is common when time cards are used, and it can cost companies up to five percent of their total payroll costs.

The MinuteHound time clock uses biometric security measures to eliminate buddy punching and fraud. It uses a small fingerprint device to positively identify the worker making a time entry. Another Internet time clock may use photographs or facial recognition software for the same purpose. Biometric systems are the ultimate answer to time clock security.

4. Flexibility
An Internet time clock offers flexibility and convenience for people who work in multiple locations. Systems like MinuteHound also benefit mobile and remote workers. Many modern systems have a mobile app that allows workers to clock in from any location. All MinuteHound data is stored in a cloud, so employers have real time access to reports wherever there is an Internet connection. An alert system makes it easy to adjust staffing or signal workers and managers.

Closing Thoughts
Accurate time and attendance records are essential for all businesses. They protect employers and workers. Accuracy, security and flexibility are the main advantages of an Internet time clock. Companies that replace time cards with MinuteHound will see the difference in time and money.

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