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Finger Attendance System

It’s time to change the dynamics of the workplace when it comes to tracking time and attendance by using a biometric fingerprint reader. A finger attendance system can greatly decrease the amount of time spent completing payroll and tracking attendance. Relying on a single employee to track time and attendance can lead to abuse of the system. Employees may become lax about clocking employees in and consistently late employees end up getting rewarded for bad behavior. Managers that work with employees often have to walk a fine line between going strict on the rules and granting leniency for employees. With a finger attendance system, you can remove the potential for time theft and send employees a clear message that they will only get paid for the time they spend at work.

Finger Attendance System Overview
First, it’s simple to set up a finger attendance system. Simply plug the reader into a computer and have your employee scan their fingerprint. It only takes one pass to identify the employee. The finger attendance system can identify a single fingerprint out of one million possible matches. It’s highly accurate and eliminates the confusion that can occur when more than one employee has the same name or you have to manually input hours. If a mistake occurs, a manager can override the system. A finger attendance system bypass should occur rarely and if it becomes a continual problem, the owner can confront the offending manager about the issue.

Alerts and Notifications
Biometrics Stop Fraud and Time TheftYou shouldn’t have to come in to work to know that all of your employees have arrived. With a finger attendance system, if an employee doesn’t clock in, you can get an email or text alert. You can also set the system up to send you both types of alerts. This makes managing your business possible from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Data gets uploaded to the Internet securely and is accessible from anywhere. The cost of a system like this would expect to run you the cost of a new employee. MinuteHound provides the technology for just pennies a day.

Round the Clock Support
When you invest in software and hardware, you expect to receive great support from the company that manages the software. Someone is always on the other end of the line with MinuteHound, no matter the time of day. The fingerprint attendance system requires no obligation and provides support that is there when you need it, there is no way you can go wrong. There are no learning curves, training or specialized seminars and courses you need to enroll in. Anyone can learn to use this technology quickly. With technology this powerful at your fingertips, and a company that comes second to none in the finger attendance system market, you have no reason to continue your old outdated time tracking ways.

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  1. Really great article. Biometric finger print time and attendance system provides best practice in organization. It can be applied in all kinds of industry, from small businesses to high level businesses.

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