Fingerprint Device- Simple Finger or Thumb Scan For All Employees

The Fingerprint Device That Makes All The Difference

Employees can wreak havoc on a business through simple error or on purpose. Showing up late or leaving early is not acceptable by any means, but unless there is a time and attendance system in place that holds staff accountable for their actions, they will keep stealing time. Every business needs a fingerprint device that has employees verify their attendance prior to recording time. This way, by using a fingerprint device employees cannot cover for friends or fudge numbers. All time is accurate and error free.

MinuteHound’s fingerprint device works wonders for every industry. The days of having employees sign in with pens and paper are over. Even newer systems that require a pin number or card don’t have a way to stop buddy punching or time theft. Only a fingerprint device can stop cheating, as MinuteHound requires each employee to be physically present to clock-in and out of work. All employees have to do is show up to work, place their finger or thumb on the fingerprint device, and then off to work they go. Same process for taking breaks and exiting for the day. Simple, fast, and easy!

How The Fingerprint Device Works

After ordering the fingerprint device from MinuteHound, the account is created. Each client has access to MinuteHound’s personal portal 24/7 to access time and attendance reports, setup alerts, check the real time status of an office, etc. The portal is browser based so managers can access reports from any location at any time. The fingerprint device is state of the art and the size of a computer mouse. It plugs into any computer for an easy installation. Once plugged in, the fingerprint device will become the actual time clock that employees use to record their time.

MinuteHound's Fingerprint DeviceOnce in place accurate reporting is guaranteed. The fingerprint device turns every workplace digital and paperless. If employees ever want to view their timesheets, just have them log-in and view it. Each employee can be given very low access in order for them to view and view only. This way, they can keep track of their own hours and be more responsible. It will have them create more positive productive work habits. The fingerprint device records time worked live, so as soon as they clock-in, they can log-in via their smartphone and check their time.

The Fingerprint Device Sets The Bar High

For a one time fee of $99.95, MinuteHound’s fingerprint device gets shipped right to your door. From that point on, each client pays for what they need. Each employee is $1.00 per month, while each location is $5.00 per location. This monthly fee includes lifetime updates, round the clock technical support, and 24/7 access to reporting and all features. No other hidden fees or extra costs. The fingerprint device is even backed for life, so if anything ever goes wrong or a client decides to cancel for whatever reason, return the fingerprint device for the $99.95 back. Try it out today and upgrade your business!

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MinuteHound Fingerprint Device.

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