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Employee Attendance- Why It’s So Important

Every business, small or large needs employee attendance to be correct. Not only for accurate payroll, but more than likely for lawful and tax reasons, each business needs to provide proof of payment to staff just in case of any disputes. Employee attendance is a cornerstone for any organization of 5 employees, to 50,000 on up. Every business is plagued with staff leaving early, buddy punching, arriving late, and fudging numbers. By using biometrics in business, employee attendance is always accurate and crystal clear.

MinuteHound is the current leader in biometric time and attendance, with over 150,000 daily users. The reason why is simple: cost and easy to use features. After creating an account with MinuteHound, the biometric scanner is shipped out. It is the size of a computer mouse and plugs into any computer. MinuteHound is cloud based, which means the system is internet based. As long as the business has a computer connected to the internet, the biometric scanner will work flawlessly.

Employee Attendance and Time Tracking

Once the biometric scanner is plugged in, the entire installation process takes minutes and is step-by-step. There is no complicated instructions of any kind. From that point on, all employees have to do is place their finger on the scanner when arriving, taking breaks, and exiting. Employee attendance will be perfect and correct. By using biometrics, every employee is required to be physically present. Friends cannot cover for each other, and all forms of cheating are over.

Accurate Employee Attendance Boosts SavingsEmployee attendance and time tracking go hand in hand. Since MinuteHound is cloud based, all times are recorded live. This means administrators and employees can access their time 24/7 from MinuteHound’s portal. Employees have the lowest level of access and can view only, while admins can edit/change from any web browser. Employee attendance is always crystal clear, as each time is displayed in reports to be downloaded in ASCII, PDF, or Excel. Payroll becomes a breeze.

Accurate Employee Attendance Means Savings

Employees not being able to cheat plus fix human error means savings all around. Right off the bat, by using MinuteHound reduces payroll costs by up to 8%. Let alone the savings from accurate employee attendance, costs will go down and savings go up. If employees ever forget to clock-in or out, a text message and/or email will be sent out. Not only is cheating over, but so are honest mistakes. Try out MinuteHound today and achieve perfect employee attendance in no time!

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