Fingerprint T&A System: Time and Attendance Using Fingerprints

Why a Fingerprint T&A System is Superior to Other Tracking Methods

The most costly aspect of any business is paying employees for time that is spent working. Tens of thousands of dollars could be spent annually making sure your business remains efficient. Using biometric systems for keeping track of the time spent onsite can save your business a great deal of money. Since a fingerprint T&A system uses a staff’s unique biometric data, you can reduce wasted hours and keep more money in the business bank accounts.

Exact Measurements of Time
Punch cards can be easily fooled into processing employee time. Another staff member could punch the card for the other if he or she is late. A fingerprint T&A system won’t allow that situation to happen. Cards can become lost and the HR department has to rely on the “word” of the staff member for actual time. A power outage could reset the clock giving an incorrect stamp. Since the fingerprint T&A system uses Internet-based servers, the time is always correct.

Every Minute Counts
If you have an employee making $10 per hour and this person is five minutes late every day, you could be losing more than $200 per year. The fingerprint T&A system helps eliminate this loss by adjusting the actual time an employee spends working. For every minute that this employee is on the clock, your business is spending $0.17. This amount doesn’t sound like a lot at first, but it quickly adds up over time. You’re paying for quality workmanship and not using a fingerprint T&A system could be costing you more money per employee than you may realize.

Compounding the Problem
Biometrics Stop Fraud and Time TheftThe more employees you have, the more money you could be losing to incorrect time sheets. This isn’t saying that all of your employees are trying to squeeze every dime they can. However, a lack of a fingerprint T&A system allows those individuals to have a bit of room when filling out time sheets. Whether he or she is coming in late or leaving early, the business simply can’t afford to keep padding the paychecks of those employees. Using a fingerprint T&A system keeps all of those individuals honest while standardizing the system for everyone – yourself included.

The Affordability of a Fingerprint T&A System
Don’t look at how much money one of these efficient and affordable units will cost the business. However, examine how much money they will save the business over the span of six months. If you have 10 employees exhausting up to 250 minutes per week due to tardiness, long breaks, or early dismissal, the business could be losing more than $1,000 inside that six months. You could find that the fingerprint T&A system to be your most prized asset in the business.

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