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Why Time and Attendance is so Important

No matter the size of your business or which industry you are a part of, having a reliable time and attendance solution is a decision every business owner makes. Having a pen and paper to write down times do not count as reliable! Paper time sheets are a total waste of money. Not only do you have to keep buying the paper and ink, but employees steal time every chance they get. If they were 20 minutes late or wanted to take off early they can without a foolproof method of tracking time. The average employee steals 54 minutes of time every shift! As a business owner do you want to pay for something you don’t get? Paying for time not worked is not ideal. Having a time and attendance system that works for you is the right decision. Don’t lose money, but save it. Invest it in more marketing or put it in your pocket.

Biometric Time and Attendance

So what is the right decision? What is the latest technology? MinuteHound offers a biometric time and attendance solution which first verifies a person before recording their time. It is the essence of having a manager on duty at all times. Friends can no longer cover for each other and time theft is gone. The only way someone can record their time is by physically being there. You have to stress no more! Biometrics makes the employee honest. They have to be on time and they cannot leave early. If they do, they won’t be paid! Biometric time and attendance is crucial to any organization looking for more control of their staff and budgets.

How to Get Biometric Time and Attendance

Sign up! MinuteHound offers its server to any and all business owners. The cost is minimal, at $1.00 per employee! Pretty sure everyone can afford that and if you have a larger organization, MinuteHound will save you an incredible amount of money. There is no better time to invest in your business than now. This time and attendance solution can be purchased and setup within days. It is plug and play technology so no worries about installing or setting up. MinuteHound will help every step of the way. Stop wasting time and start saving money right now!

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