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A Solution to the Traditional Time Clock Systems

Over the years, businesses have had varying systems that they used to keep track of time and payroll systems. Some used punch in time clock cards that the employees had to push into a machine, and that would make a noise and leave a time imprint on the card. Other businesses would keep hand written punch in time clock reports. Then there were the businesses who used computerized punch in time clock systems that worked off a username and password. These systems were not effective, because they left the employer vulnerable to time theft, friend punching, unapproved overtime, time clock manipulation, and other payroll discrepancies.

A new and Innovative Punch in Time Clock System
MinuteHound has developed a system that is not only secure for the employer, but also it has the potential to save the employer money. MinuteHound uses a biometric system in which the employee has to place a finger on an electronic device. The device is connected to a computer in the office. Once the employee places his or her finger on the device, the data from the punch in time clock system transmits to a remote cloud, where it is kept safe and secure.

Real Time Red Flag System
The best part about this amazing system is that it includes a customizable red flag system that the employer can set. The system will alert the person of any abnormal activities. This person could receive an email or text message if an employee leaves a shift early, comes in late, or works overtime.

Furthermore, the biometric system associates the employee with his or her fingerprint. Therefore, only the correct employee can punch in for his or her shift. Employers can use the MinuteHound punch in time clock system to monitor staffing from any location. The person would simply log into a laptop or desktop unit and view the report of employee activity. Then, the person can make staffing changes according to the needs of the business.

Save Money by Using MinuteHound Punch in Time Clock
Stop Time Theft w/ BiometricsBy working to prevent payroll manipulation and theft, the system can help employers save up to 5 percent of payroll costs. Additionally, the program is inexpensive and affordable for the company. No special training, certification or unrealistic costs are associated with this program.

Getting started is as simple as purchasing a fingerprint system and then paying a monthly fee to use MinuteHound. Users are not tied to a contract to use this service. The client can pay by the month and cancel if he or she is not satisfied. For pennies a day, a company can have the most advance punch in time clock system available.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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MinuteHound Biometric Punch Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Punch In Time Clock.

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