How Business Will Be Affected After the Corona Virus?

The corona virus pandemic has had devestating impacts upon businesses not only in the United States but also around the world. Questions abound as to how business will be affected after the corona virus. With millions of Americans out of work and no clear timeline for a return, the dreaded “R” word (recession) has been thrown about this week, and for good reason.

There is a cloud of uncertainty looming over the country and the economy at present that has never loomed so ominous. People are in panic mode, uncertain where they will get their next dollar, quarantined in their homes in fear of a virus that has taken hold of our nation and economy with an iron grip.

Having said that, the United States is a resilient nation, one that has survived the Great Depression, World Wars, terror attacks, a devestaing housing market crash and levels of controversey and adversity that would flatten a lesser country.

Will The Corona Virus “Effect” Every Go Away?
Toughness and resiliency are hallmarks of American society. Although news reports paint a grim picture, business owners are determined to return to business as usual for many reasons. Primary among them is the fact that if they do not, they will have no income and no way to support their families. The fact that this virus has hit everyone at the same time equally will actually enable everybody to get up and get going collectively once business returns to normal.

The stay at home quarantine that is in place due to the outbreak of the corona virus has caused a strong desire to return to business as usual and life the way we knew it before the quarantine. This desire will only buttress and enable businesses to flourish. In many senses, “it can’t get worse that it is right now“. Lenders have granted amnesty to homeowners and to debtors with respect to their obligations to repay loans. This will enable debtors to get back on their feet faster and there is no doubt that people will be in a hurry to return to restaurants, bars, sporting events and the like once businesses re-open their doors.

There is a positive emotion and sentiment that is growing by the day as the quarantine comes to an end. The expression “this too shall pass“ certainly applies and Americans are determined to show the world that there is no enemy that can defeat us. True, it may slow us down and may even temporarily cripple the nation. However, the comeback is always greater than the setback and the spirit of Americans – while certainly being put to the ultimate test – is bubbling beneath the surface of this latest challenge which we will rise to meet and defeat.

Life and Business are the Same: It Goes On
Once businesses have re-opened, it is a certainty that places of gathering will be overflowing with people. News reports will be right there to memorialize this historic moment in American history. Images of American citizens attending baseball games, shopping malls, places of warship, restaurants, nightclubs and bars will be all over the news and on the front page of the newspapers. It is inevitable that our economy will return not only to where it was, but will soar beyond the record levels it had reached prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

Toward that end, business owners should not be worried. Always keep in mind this is only temporary; it is not permanent and, again, “this too shall pass”. With those words of encouragment burned in our brains, Americans will use this opportunity to display the passion, determination and resiliant spirit that built and sustained the greatest nation the world has known for over two centuries. A return to prominence is not only pre-ordained but is the modern day manifest destiny.

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