What Happens Now? The Business World Amid COVID-19

Regardless of industry, everyone is feeling the affects of this coronoavirus. No matter what part of the world you live in. No matter if you are in the private or public sector. Every single person who works, manages, or owns a business is feeling lost. It came out of nowhere, so to speak. In only a matter of month, the entire world is trying to figure out what is the best method to stop a pandemic. You cannot see it, but you can breathe it in. The current events of today are the basis of science fiction movies and plots of TV shows.

Business owners from coast to coast are wondering how to proceed and what is the best method for long term vs short term sustainability let alone growth. The government is talking as if they are about to bail out every individual, let alone every business that is struggling because of this coronavirus. That does not set the table for success, or even a good nights sleep. How and what is the best method to succeed?

Technology Changes. Change With It.
Every company has to adapt to shifting trends and markets. This corona virus of course is throwing everyone off, but needless to say the economy now is all about supply and technology. All of a sudden, because of technology, every grade from K – College level can be online. Businesses across the country sent their staff home because technology allows them to do it. Still plenty that don’t have this option, but, plenty that do.

MinuteHound is also adapting to these changes. Through technology, facial recognition plays a crucial role as no fingerprints, scanners, or any hardware is needed. This virus will change the way people interact or at the very least make everyone think everyone else is sick. No more sharing or careless touching that could lead to an illness. Facial recognition is the way to go as it is safer and non-intrusive.

Also, for all those employees working from home it will allow them to clock-in and out securely. Managers and business owners don’t just have to trust they are doing the right thing, but, they will know it. Facial recognition is safe, secure, and 100% accurate. Try facial recognition today as a small step to adapt to these unique times.

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