No Touch Time and Attendance

In the age of the Corona virus, no surface is safe! Although funny in nature, it is very accurate for these trying times. Door handles, gas pumps, and just about anything else you touch can be contaimanted. Factor in a jobsite or any type of workplace, more than likely all your staff is using the same device/method to clock in and out of work which means the possiblity of speading a virus is more than likely. However, what is a business to do? Employees still need to work and they don’t work for free. They need to be paid accuartely. MinuteHound has the solution.

MinuteHound has introduced a touchless face capture time and attendance system. Employees come to work, look at the camera, and bam, off to work they go! Not only is this quick but also safe. Nothing for them to touch and nothing for them to be worried about. Also, for the employer, peace of mind. No one can share informatio and buddies cannot clock in and out for each other. It all works off your PC/Laptop/Tablet camera. No hardware for you to buy and nothing extra needed.

Safer. Smarter. More Affordable
MinuteHound’s face capture program is very easy to use. Simply download the software and register your employee. Basically have them look in the camera, turn left, turn right, head down, etc. Takes about 30 seconds to enroll an employee and then bam! Every time they want to clock in or out all they do is look at the camera and within a couple seconds they are recognized. Off to work they go without touching anything. Safe and smart. Social distance safe but more importantly, safe on the wallet for employers! Keep your costs low with modern and effective technology.

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