How Modern Time and Attendance Can Positively Affect Your Business in 2019

Modern Time and Attendance For The Digital Age

Tracking worker time has always been a problem for employers. No matter what systems are implemented, they have created extra expense but still failed to head off common problems like “buddy punching” and unauthorized overtime.

Until now. MinuteHound is the most innovative, effective, and modern time and attendance system available. It utilizes fingerprint identification as a simple clock in/clock out step that makes it impossible for one worker to report someone else’s time on their behalf.

MinuteHound is also a great choice in modern time and attendance because it is so accessible. Worker data is stored securely in the Cloud, meaning supervisors and managers can view it from literally anywhere with internet access. This is a great feature for small business owners who must travel to pursue leads, because they can still stay fully current on worker activity.

How Does Reporting Work with MinuteHound?

Speaking of staying current, MinuteHound generates simple, clear reports of payroll activity. Instead of countless hours spent combing through punch cards or printing online time entry, MinuteHound provides a modern time and attendance system that gathers all the data together for management review. Any problems that emerge are visible right away, providing the opportunity for immediate correction. Once workers realize they can’t manipulate MinuteHound, most problems will quickly disappear.

Save Money. Be Happy! Attendance Software Free!One barrier to changing payroll systems has always been the effort involved in switchover. Many employers realize the shortfalls of their current systems, and they would like to replace it with a modern time and attendance system. They just don’t have an interest in the slow, often painful process of making a transition.

MinuteHound presents a simple, smooth system for changing over. The system sets up in minutes, decreasing expense, reducing errors, and getting employees comfortable with the system rapidly. MinuteHound makes it possible to implement a new system without the headaches of a major operational overhaul.

Modern Time and Attendance Means It Never Expires!

One of the best ways to improve business profitability is to identify and stop financial leakage. A very common problem is payroll, including issues like unwarranted overtime and clocking in for employees who haven’t arrived on time. No matter what employers do, there have always been ways for problems to come up.

MinuteHound is the solution that employers like you have been waiting for. It provides an efficient, cost-effective method for modern time and attendance management that offers a seamless changeover, worldwide secure access, and foolproof operation to create real benefits for your bottom line.

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