How The Payroll Web Clock Is Redefining The Business Model

New and Improved Payroll Web Clock

With a payroll web clock, you can put a stop to time theft in the workplace. Using the biometric fingerprint technology from MinuteHound, you eliminate time theft because it becomes next to impossible for fellow coworkers to clock in for each other. No one has the same fingerprint, and that means that when your employees clock in and out of work with a payroll web clock, you can rest assured that you have the right person.

Because of the payroll web clock, you do not have to maintain a time card or keep inventory. Everything gets done using the revolutionary technology of a payroll web clock from MinuteHound. The system has become so advanced that whenever an employee clocks in or out of work, if you want it too, the system will send an email or text message to you. The same goes for if they leave early, or your employee is late for work. The biggest problem with time cards is that you are using outdated technology, and it can be easy for people to cheat on it. With the system from MinuteHound, everyone is kept honest because it is impossible to clock in or out early without the boss being aware of it. The payroll web clock makes certain of it.

How The Payroll Web Clock is Transforming the Workplace

Most of the clients from MinuteHound have to pay just a few pennies per day for the payroll web clock. When you compare it to what you save in time theft, the technology becomes an invaluable tool. This system will be saving you money while paying for itself.

100% Secure Cloud Based Time Clock SoftwareDoes your business have you traveling around the world or even across town? With the live reporting accessible from anywhere that has an Internet connection, MinuteHound ensures that you stay updated to everything happening in the workplace. The software is also exceptionally intuitive and navigable. You do not have to worry about a learning curve or training to get started with implementing this new technology. If you do encounter problems, you can contact MinuteHound’s around-the-clock support. The knowledgeable and friendly support would love to answer questions and resolve issues that you might be having.

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Another concern that business owners sometimes have about MinuteHound is that they will be transferring data, which can lead to data breaches and more problems. Because MinuteHound uses 128-bit encryption for data transfers, you can rest assured that everything will be safe. The payroll web clock from MinuteHound works using the cloud, so your data will have redundant backup and further protection to guarantee security.

In the perfect world, everyone would clock in and out of work when they are supposed to. While it may not create the perfect world, a payroll web clock will bring you a little closer to bringing time theft to a screeching halt. The problem costs American businesses billions of dollars each year, and you will be surprised at the difference that a payroll web clock will make.

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