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Why Use the Web Timeclock

First off the web timeclock pays for itself. It is so inexpensive that within 30 days of using the system, you will save more than you pay! The cost is just $1.00 per employee once a month, which makes MinuteHound the most affordable time and attendance system on the market. Managers and business owners can login from any internet browser and input their employees. This will give them access to record their time via PC, tablet, or any mobile device. Once an employee has this access, they simply click a button to start/end their time at work. Then a manager can view this time, make changes, or simply leave it as is and run payroll. The web timeclock is that easy to use. Employees will have 24/7 access to record their time so there will be no more excuses as to why they could not clock in or out.

The web timeclock is not only easy to use, but secure as well. When an employee clocks in/out, their timestamp includes their IP address so you can also track their location. This way employees stay honest as well as punctual. For business owners with multiple locations, MinuteHound makes it super simple to manage multiple locations all from a single terminal. Whether at home or at the main office, tracking individual or groups of employees is now a matter of clicks. Also, the web timeclock uses an alert system to keep them on schedule. If they don’t adhere to what you set, an email and/or text message will be sent to whichever person or persons you designate.

Startup with The Web Timeclock

Large or small employers need a way to track and record the time of their staff. Everyone needs to be paid, but being paid accurately is the job of the employer. Employees don’t mind taking a long lunch break or leaving 10 minutes early, however, what they do mind is not being paid! The web timeclock takes that away as employees will always record their time, but employers will have the ability to actually edit the time, automatically round, etc. So many options to keep everyone honest and more importantly to keep records free of human error, time fraud, and mistakes. Get the web timeclock now and start saving!

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