How To Stop Friends at Work from Padding Hours and Covering For Each Other

Friends Padding Hours for Friends

Put a stop to co-workers clocking out for one another or padding hours in timesheets by installing MinuteHound. MinuteHound uses biometric fingerprint technology. This technology makes sure that the only one who can punch out for an employee is that employee.

Resolving the Padding Hours Delimma
Every fingerprint is unique. That means if your employee wants to be paid, he or she must be responsible for scanning their fingerprint at the beginning and ending of each shift. That means no one else can punch for them, effectively padding hours onto paychecks. The MinuteHound software is easy to install on any PC. In fact, it takes less than 10 minutes to install. Hook up the scanner and you can start enrolling employees right away. The money saved from friends padding hours for their co-workers can pay for the software in a very short time.

Beyond preventing the padding hours by employees, MinuteHound includes comprehensive software. This software can alert you when employees leave early or are working unapproved overtime. MinuteHound is cloud based. That means you can access it from wherever you are, and with 128-bit encryption data transfer, it is secure. The comprehensive time and attendance reports are also a nice feature that will help you monitor and adjust your staffing needs.

Since the software and required equipment is so affordable, you can expand your MinuteHound usage without breaking the bank. This innovative time and attendance company also offers a risk free trial.

Prevention and Features
Fingerprint ClockEven if you think your current employees are not padding hours, MinuteHound is an inexpensive tech-friendly solution to preventing future attendance abuse. As your company grows and turn over takes its toll on your current staff, new employees may not be as honest. Help them avoid the temptation of padding hours by installing this hack-proof time and attendance system.

Padding hours practices cost employers billions each year. Protect your company from employee theft by installing the MinuteHound time and attendance system. With this easy to install software and a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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