How To Streamline Payroll and Reduce Overspending

A Very Simple Solution To A Common Business Problem

All business owners have to hire employees, train them, then deploy them. Not all employees are created equal! Most business owners have to go through a hassle to find a solid staff they can trust and rely on. Once you start that process, you have to start recording their time worked even for training. No one works for free! Time and attendance and payroll are 2 components that go hand in hand. Smart business owners know how to streamline payroll as time and attendance is the backbone of any company. Employees need to be accurately tracked and paid. There should be no guessing games when it comes time to cut checks.

Time and attendance is the process of recording every minute an employee works. This is needed for obvious reasons. They want to be paid and you only want to pay them what they worked, not what they wrote down on a piece of paper. You then take that time and submit to payroll. Most payroll in small businesses are manual. Whether it is Quickbooks or simply counting. That is why it is important to streamline payroll. To streamline payroll you need to have an automated system that tells you exactly how much time is worked, overtime, etc. MinuteHound has you covered. All reports are automated. To streamline payroll is as simple as taking the reports and uploading them. Done!

How Easy Is It To Streamline Payroll?

Green and Paperless Card Punch MachineVery simple. What MinuteHound does is track your employee time and attendance and transfer all data to your reports. You simply log in from any device and browse the reports to ensure they are ready to be submitted. If you have to add some time, take away time, add vacation or sick days you can do that from any browser. Then, once you are done you simply download/export! Very simple and this is how to streamline payroll. Makes your life easier and puts so much more time on your plate. Never have to worry about common human error.

The problems that go along with employees simply writing down their times or relying on some type of outdated technology is time theft and fraud. Employees will cover for each other. Friends at work clock in and out for one another. To them it is no big deal. Maybe it is frowned upon, but not a big deal among friends right? Well to the business owner this is a huge problem. That is why MinuteHound has biometric time and attendance. It is also very important to streamline your payroll to not only reduce your overall costs and overhead, but also to simply save the hassle. Payroll can be frustrating. Not anymore! Rely on MinuteHound to take care of all your needs. Sign up today and start saving!

Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Streamline Payroll.

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