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Biometric Time Recording? What is That?

Back in the old days, employees punched in and out of work using time cards that were either filled out or stamped by a time clock. However, mechanical time clocks had several flaws. Sometimes the clock would malfunction, time cards were illegible or lost, or employees would find ways to cheat the system. Time theft was an everyday occurrence, and some employees would even pad their hours.

Although it’s difficult to determine exactly how much of an impact this had on businesses, a conservative estimate from the American Payroll Association put losses caused by inefficient time keeping at approximately $148 billion.

Biometric time recording has since taken the place of the traditional time clock. Employees no longer fill out time cards that can easily be lost. Employees are now using their fingerprint to punch in and out of work.

What Is Biometric Time Recording?

Biometric time recording is a system that uses biological identifiers, a fingerprint, to log into a punch-in system. Since these identifiers are unique to every individual, employees cannot punch into work for someone else. Furthermore, since everything is controlled by computer, the employee cannot alter their time data. The main benefit of such systems is the elimination of time theft and dishonest time reporting.

What Makes the MinuteHound System Unique

There are a few items that make the MinuteHound biometric time recording system unique. First, time and attendance data is organized and displayed in unique reports. There’s no need to search for the information you need. Just use the built-in search function to find the data you’re looking for.

Second, the MinuteHound software does not require a dedicated server. You can install the software on any computer in your network. Installation takes just a few minutes.

Third, MinuteHound safely stores all time and attendance data on a secured cloud server. The data is encrypted in transit using the strongest encryption available. Accessing the data is easy. Just set up a username and password. The data can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any wireless device.

Fingerprint Time Clock SoftwareMinuteHound’s Biometric Time Recording Software Adds Up to Big Savings

Large and small businesses alike can benefit from MinuteHound’s biometric time recording software. The system costs very little to install, but most businesses can potentially realize an average return of 2,300% on their investment.

Free 21-Day Trial

MinuteHound is currently offering a free 21-day trial of their biometric time recording software. The trial allows you to preview the MinuteHound biometric time recording system free for 21 days. To sign up for the trial, visit the MinuteHound website and fill out the simple form.

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