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Office Time Clock – Transform to Modern

Transcend your business to the next level by using the most advanced and modern technology available for employers. The office time clock from MinuteHound is so simple yet packs a technology punch that will knock out all extra spending. Employees show up to work, place their fingers on the scanner, and get moving. Very easy and this process automatically eliminates theft, as the only way to actually record time is if your physically present to do so. This means no more friends covering for each other, no more padding time or writing down 9AM when the employee didn’t show up until 9:12AM. The office time clock is designed to save money and cut out waste from the very first day of use. It takes less than 1 minute per employee to enroll. Once in the system, that employee just shows up and places their finger or thumb down. Sophisticated and very effective.

How the Office Time Clock Cuts Spending

Right off the bat the office time clock will save up to 8% off payroll expenses. In addition, all times recorded through the fingerprint time clock are instantly uploaded to the cloud so that from anywhere in the world, employers can access these reports. From any internet browser, employers and managers can login to check reports, edit them, and download/submit them. Create any format you need to in order to best match your payroll program. MinuteHound also offers a unique alert system so that if an employee does not show up to work on time, a text message will be sent. The office time clock is an extra set of eyes that never close to ensure the staff is always are always honest with their time worked.

Is This technology Hard to Use?

Not at all! The office time clock is built so that everyone can use it. Most business owners are not computer programmers or network engineers. They are doctors, lawyers, chefs, parents, etc and that is why MinuteHound technology works so well. No matter who you are or what your background is, the office time clock takes mere minutes to setup and is as easy as plugging in the scanner. If you need help with setup or creating your first report, give MinuteHound a call! Around the clock U.S. based support is available. Stop wasting time and give the office time clock a try!

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